About The Author of This Fine Blog.

I am just a guy. Really. I have always wanted to be involved in sports and figured that this blog was the only way at this point in my life. I played baseball and basketball throughout high school and continue to sharpen my athletic skills with weekly church league softball games.

I consider myself a HUGE fan of NCAA Football, Major League Baseball and the NFL. I also have interest in soccer, basketball, hockey and Olympic sports.

I am currently working in the Sports Information Department for the University of Texas at Tyler.


Favorite Athlete of All Time:  Deion Sanders, Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer that recently retired)

Favorite Sports Team:  Texas Rangers, Texas Longhorns, US Soccer Team, Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Sports Moment Attended in Person:  Ricky Williams breaking Tony Dorsett’s NCAA career rushing records.  That place was LOUD. 

Favorite Sports Moment I Was Involved In:  In high school, I pump faked a guy under the basket, he went up to block my shot.  As he was coming down, I went up.  His jersey was untucked and SOMEHOW my head went into his shirt.  It was quite a sight.

  1. December 6, 2010 at 11:50 am

    Great stuff man, thanks for the insightful breakdowns.

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