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2012 MLB Awesome Rankings #3


It has been a GOOD two weeks since we have last updated the Awesome Rankings.  Make that three weeks.  That has given me PLENTY of time to realize that the Rangers are about as consistent as the Texas weather.  Hot one day, cold the next, ok, maybe not a good metaphor.  Anyway, after the Rangers looked awful against the Angels earlier this week, they now have a six game lead over their division rivals.  Weird. Anyway, here are the awesome rankings this week:

1.  Cincinnati Reds (65-41):  The BEST record in baseball, and winners of four in a row including nine out of their last 10.  Aroldis Chapman is a legit relief man, while the offense is unforgiving with Votto, Bruce and Phillips.  A 4.5 game lead over upstart Pittsburgh is looking good right now.

2.  Atlanta Braves (61-45):  The Bravos made a trade at the deadline for Paul Maholm, which will be a great pickup for them in the run for the playoffs.  Another well-balanced team, the Braves are just two games behind the Nationals, but lead the NL Wild Card chase.  9-1 over their last ten games.

3.  Washington Nationals (63-43):  I would take this team in a seven-game series over a bunch of teams, which is why they are No. 3 in this countdown.  The real question that everyone wants to know is, will the Nats shutdown Stephen Strasburg.  Something tells me that if they are in the race for a division crown, and they need a gutsy performance, they will call on the young flame-thrower.

4.  Texas Rangers (62-43):  Putting them here means they are the “best team in the American League” at this point in my mind.  While I do believe they are VERY good, the Rangers are inconsistent.  Bad pitching and horrible hitting have turned into “ok” pitching and “ok” hitting for the time being. This is the last time I’ll put them in on “what they could be”. 

5.  New York Yankees (62-44):  Last countdown’s No. 1 team, the Yankees will definitely be a playoff team, it just remains to be seen if they are a World Series winner just yet.  Injuries have hurt, but they are getting better.

6.  Pittsburgh Pirates (60-45):  Man I like this team, and HOPE they can hang on to a playoff spot.  The pitching is great, the offense is timely.  Big series right now with the division-leading Reds.

7.  Chicago White Sox (58-47):  Not sure how they keep doing it, but they do.  Winners of 8 of their last 10, the Palehosers are keeping the Windy City (Southside at least) afloat until football gets rolling.

8.  Los Angeles Dodgers (57-50):  Just a matter of time until they catch the Giants, in my humble but accurate opinion.  Hanley Ramirez was a great pickup, so was “gamer” Shane Victorino.  The pitching staff remains tough too.

9.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (57-50):  Just saw them Wednesday against the Rangers.  These two teams will slug it out til the end.  I would NOT be surprised if LAA catches, then passes the Rangers.  Not saying it will happen, but def wouldn’t be surprised.

10.  Oakland A’s (58-49):  Another FUN team to watch that seems to be legit this late in the season.  Just five games back of the Rangers and NO ONE seems to be talking about them, just what Oakland wants.  The West is wild.

Bottom Four:

1.  Houston Astros (35-72):  After trading EVERYONE away, they may not win 50 games this season.

2.  Colorado Rockies (38-66):  Whoa, I am not even sure what to say.  They are bad.  Maybe they can play the Astros soon.

3.  Chicago Cubs (43-61):  It is amazing the depth of sucktitude the NL has.  Top three teams are NL teams on this list, and bottom three.  Ouch.

4.  Kansas City Royals (44-61):  Only a matter of time until they showed up here.  They did host a great All Star Weekend I guess.

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