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2012 MLB Awesome Rankings #2


How about that RIVETING All-Star game huh?  Geez.  A lot of talk about Ron Washington and how he cannot beat the National League, when really, he is the only manager in baseball that counts the ASG as an exhibition.  I have nothing to back that up.  Well, its been weeks since the first Awesome Rankings of the season, but here we go with number two!

1.  New York Yankees (53-33):  The best record in baseball is owned by the Yankees.  They have won 7 of their last 10, and have a EIGHT game lead in the AL East.  People questioned their pitching after injuries, but the team doesn’t seem to lose a beat.  Robinson Cano, homerless in the HR Derby in KC, is still a MVP candidate.

2.  Texas Rangers (53-34):  As a Ranger fan, it is VERY easy to rank them too high because of my love for the team, but they are doing just enough to have one of the best records in the game.  Surprisingly, Texas’ offense has been a question mark over the past month or so.  The race in the West between Texas and the Angels will be fun to watch.

3.  Washington Nationals (50-34):  What a fun team to watch.  In the preseason, I thought the Nats were ONE season away, but they are doing it this year.  Bryce Harper has been quite the spark for the team, and the pitching staff has helped Washington maintain a four game lead (as of now) in the NL East.

4.  Detroit Tigers (45-42):  Ok, so they are only three games over .500, but they have won six games in a row and have the talent to make a run in the close AL Central. 

5.  Atlanta Braves (47-39):  Winners of 7 of their last 10, the Braves continue to hang around in the NL East.  Chad Kimbrel is a great closer, but the rest of the pitching staff has been sub-par.  The race in the East will be another close one all season.

6.  Los Angeles Dodgers (48-40):  When you get Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier back to the lineup, it is always a good thing.  

7.  Cincinnati Reds (48-38):  Someone on t.v. brought up the question, “is Joey Votto the best hitter in baseball?”  Well, I don’t have an answer, but Votto is hitting .344 with 14 homers and 48 homers.  While I do think Josh Hamilton is better, Votto is keeping the Reds in first.

8.  Pittsburgh Pirates (48-38):  Oh hello first place.  The Pirates were in the same position last year, but had a horrible second-half swoon.  The pitching staff is a little better this year, while AJ McCutheon is leading the majors in batting average.  

9.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California (48-39):  No team scares me more than this one.  Great position players, great pitching staff.  

10.  Chicago White Sox (48-38):  The AL Central leaders (some how) keep playing good baseball.  The pitching staff is 6th in team ERA, while the offense is 7th in team batting average in the American League.  No matter, the White Sox continue to do good things.


Bottom Four:

1.  Houston Astros (33-54):  The worst record in baseball.  Ouch.

2.  San Diego Padres (34-54):  Honestly, can’t name three players.

3.  Chicago Cubs (35-52):  This hurts me…a lot.  

4.  Colorado Rockies (34-52):  The National league sure does have some bad teams.  

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