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Ok, so the season has started and I have STILL not made my picks.  I know, its awful, but I really AM busy!  LEAVE ME ALONE!  Ok, whew, had to get that off of my chest.  Honestly, it is hard to write this post because I am still devastated by the Rangers loss in the World Series…again.  Early prediction for all the readers who are about to tune out, the Rangers won’t be in the World Series again.  My prediction.  Here are the rest:

NL East:

1.  Miami Marlins- Everything is new in Miami, including “Mike” Stanton’s name.  He is Giancarlo now?  What the what?  The Marlins have won two World Series in their illustrious franchise history, but this could be the first time they have EVER won their division.  Look it up.

2.  Philadelphia Phillies- Hard to not pick them to win this division, but the lack of Utley and Howard to start the season may hurt, a little.  The pitching staff is still great.

3.  Atlanta Braves- This is a tough division.  I like the Braves, a lot.  They COULD be in the running for the Wild Card, but again, this is a tough division.  Chipper Jones is leaving after this season, which is sad.  Guy has always been one of my favorites.  If the young arms can carry this team, they could see the post-season.

4.  Washington Nationals- Tough time to be “peaking”.  The Nationals could be pretty good soon, but it won’t be this year.  Get ready to see Bryce Harper this season.

5.  New York Mets- I am having trouble naming a Met off the top of my head, and the only one that does sounds like I made it up…Lucas Duda.  He can rake, and will have a great season.

NL Central:

1.  Milwaukee Brewers- Lose Prince Fielder?  No big deal, the Brewers are a good team with a good pitching staff.  They will have to fight all season, but they will come out on top at the end.

2.  Cincinnati Reds- It seems like I have picked the Reds to win this division the past few seasons, so I am holding back this year.  They do have some great pieces, but the question will remain pitching and staying healthy.  The young arms are the key, looking at you Cueto, Leake and Bailey.

3.  St. Louis Cardinals- I am not even going to write anything, I am mad about last year still.  I hope they lose 100 games.  🙂

4.  Chicago Cubs- I really really really really really want the Cubs to win it all this year, but it just won’t happen.  Will it EVER happen again?  Starlin Castro is a really fun player, and should be electric this season.  There are just too many pieces missing for Chicago to stay in the race for long.

5.  Pittsburgh Pirates- Last years “fun team to watch” fell apart later in the season.  Perhaps the Bucs can build on last season after signing superstar Andrew McCutcheon, but that is a stretch.  I will cheer them on.

6.  Houston Astros- Quick, name four Houston Astros (if you aren’t from Houston, you probably can’t).  This is a bad team.

NL West:

1.  Los Angeles Dodgers- hmm, this is a TOUGH division.  I liked what Arizona did last year, but I don’t see it happening again in 2012. The Dodgers are due, and will ride the arm of Clayton Kershaw until it falls off.  Oh, and Matt Kemp is good too.

2.  San Francisco Giants- Two years removed from winning it all, and they have a chance to win their division in 2012.  The pitching is still good, but the offense is still lacking.  Melky Cabrera is actually a good player that will help that out.  How far can the pitching staff take em?

3.  Arizona Cardinals- Last years west winners, and this years biggest disappointment?  I don’t know. Youngsters Justin Upton and Miguel Montero will have a say in how far this team can go, but it will depend on the pitching staff that was surprising, yet stellar last season.

4.  Colorado Rockies- My pick to be in the World Series last year, won’t get close this season.  I like some of the parts of this machine, but I don’t see them doing too much.  CarGo and Tulowitzki are a dynamic pair, but the pitching is questionable at best.

5.  San Diego Padres- What a team.  No Heath Bell.  No Tony Gwynn.  No Steve Garvey.  They are in trouble.

AL East:

1.  New York Yankees- Sure they are getting older, but they can still play.  Robinson Cano, ARod, Teixeira, and Derek Jeter can still get it done.  This division will be fun to watch though.

2.  Tampa Bay Rays- They will be right there with the Yankees the whole way through.  Not long ago, the Rays were the laughing stock of the league, now they are a dangerous young team that could be relevant for years to come.

3.  Toronto Blue Jays- Surprise pick of the year?  Perhaps.  They have some great young talent up there in Canada, too bad no one ever sees them.  Oh, and the best power-hitter in the league still plays here, Jose Bautista.

4.  Boston Red Sox- Not that they aren’t good, they are just all hurt.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the BoSox won this division, I also wouldn’t be surprised if they finished fifth.

5.  Baltimore Orioles- Adam Jones is one of my favorite young players in the league, he will get better, but the Birds need some pitching help, desperately.

NL Central:

1.  Detroit Tigers- Everyone is picking the Tigers the blow out this division, and….well, I am one of those too.  This team LOOKS like they will be great, it is just up to them if they can handle the large expectations.  Prince Fielder adds MORE pop to an already dangerous lineup, and Justin Verlander might be the best pitcher in baseball.

2.  Cleveland Indians- Another trendy pick in the AL, the Indians do have some nice pieces.  Jason Kipnis is a star in the making and Shin Shoo Coo is an unheard of talent that continues to get better.  Can the pitching match what they did last  year?

3.  Minnesota Twins- This team can always sneak up on you.  Just when you think they are a really good AAA team, the win 98 games….could happen again this year.

4.  Kansas City Royals- THEY DON’T FINISH LAST!  THEY DON’T FINISH LAST!  Eric Hosmer, Brett Butler, Alex Gordon are a GREAT young middle of the lineup, maybe one of the best in the league.  Wait what?

5.  Chicago White Sox- Nothing REALLY impresses me with this team.  Adam Dunn is still there…oh yeah, nothing really impresses me with this team.

AL West:

1.  Anaheim Angels of the Los Angeles Area of California- They added too much, I don’t like em, but they have too much.  Albert Pujols is a HUGE addition to this team that needed offense last year.  The arms are good too, so watch out Rangers fans, things are going to heat up BIG TIME this summer.

2.  Texas Rangers- My heart still hurts.  The one BIG thing to watch is the development and progress of Yu Darvish.  It should be fun, the Angels and Rangers might not be separated by more than two games this entire season.

3.  Seattle Mariners- King Felix still pitches well, but he still has no help.  Dustin Ackley is another young second-baseman that is going to be a stud.

4.  Oakland A’s- Always a tough team in the West, but just not enough talent in the right places.  Yoenis Cespedes will be FUN to watch.

NL Division Winners:  Marlins, Brewers, Dodgers
AL Division Winners:  Yankees, Tigers, Angels

NL Wild Cards:  Phillies, Reds
AL Wild Cards:  Rays, Rangers

NL MVP:  Ryan Braun- Milwaukee Brewers
AL MVP:  Albert Pujols- Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 

NL Cy Young:  Josh Johnson- Florida Marlins
AL Cy Young:  Justin Verlander- Detroit Tigers

World Series Pick:  Brewers vs. Tigers

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