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March Madness 2012.

If you don’t love this time of year, you are either:

1.  Dead
2.  From Estonia (and even then you probably love it)

I have gone through the bracket ONE time and have made some rather quick picks.  I have NO reason for having these teams as winners (and losers) other than it felt good late on a Tuesday night.  Here is this years madness:

FIRST ROUND GAMES THAT INTEREST ME (and I will surely get wrong on my bracket):

(8) Iowa State vs. (9) UCONN- No one thinks the Huskies can win it all again…which they won’t, but this game should be close.  Athleticism vs. gritty gutty.
My pick:  UCONN

(5) Wichita State vs. (12) VCU- The Rams were a 11 seed last year, but there is no way they can do it again..right?  The Shockers score 77.7 points per game (15th in nation) which should give VCU fits.  Should be a fun one to watch, both teams are unknown.
My pick:  Wichita State

(7) Gonzaga vs. (10) West Virginia- NO ONE would be surprised to see the Mountaineers win this game, then again, no one would be surprised to see Gonzaga win 3 games in this tourney.  The Zags DO still rely on their magical runs seasons ago in the tourney, but they are still a good team.  WVA has the second fewest wins on the season (19) in the tournament, only behind Western Kentucky (15).
My pick:  West Virginia

(6) Cincinnati vs. (11) Texas- The Longhorns have no made the tourney 14 straight years, but this is a very young team.  If J’Covan Brown can score, they have a chance.  The Bearcats are another Big East team in the tournament that could flop, I know nothing about them.  Haha.  Give me Texas because of Brown.
My Pick:  Texas

(4) Wisconsin vs. (13) Montana- Boring game to start the night, but it will be close.  Watch.
My Pick:  Wisconsin


Biggest Upset of First Round:   (12) Long Beach State over (5) New Mexico- look,  I know that a 12 beats a 5 almost every year, but this one would be an upset.


(1) Kentucky vs. (4) Indiana- chance for redemption for the Wildcats

(2) Duke vs. (3) Baylor- Anyone else think that Duke is a BIT under the radar?  I do.

(1) Michigan State vs. (4) Louisville- The Cardinals are a HOT team, will be a fun one to watch.

(2) Mizzou vs. (3) Marquette- Another fun one to watch, toss up.

(1) Syracuse vs. (5) Vanderbilt- This could be my upset special.

(2) Ohio State vs. (3) Florida State- The two seeds in this tourney are scary.

(1) North Carolina vs. (5) Temple- Blowout.

(2) Kansas vs. (3) Georgetown- Did I mention the two seeds are scary?


(1) Kentucky vs. (3) Baylor- This Baylor team is scary.

(4) Louisville vs. (2) Mizzou- The Big 12 gets NO respect…let’s see what happens.

(2) Ohio State vs. (5) Vanderbilt- The Commodores’ run ends here

(1) North Carolina vs. (2) Kansas- Heavy weights duke it out.


(3) Baylor vs. (2) Mizzou– They have met twice with Mizzou winning both.

(2) Ohio State vs. (1) North Carolina- Another big time matchup.


(1) North Carolina over (2) Missouri- I actually don’t like Mizzou THAT much, but you never know what will happen.

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