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College Football, Week 9:

It’s been too long!  I made a promise long ago to my faithful followers that no matter what, I would have something posted during college football season.  Well, it has been two weeks.  With work, school and the World Series, things have been a BIT crazy.  My apologies.  There have been some great games that I have missed, including Oklahoma and Wisconsin falling from the ranks of the undefeateds.  Here are my picks for this weeks action, which promises to be good.

Missouri @ Texas A&M:  May not make a blip on the radar of top college football games this week, but it will be a competitive games.  They may change the name to the “Not Really in the Big 12 Anymore” Bowl.  One things the Aggies do well is run the ball with Michael and Gray, which will give the Tigers fits.
My Pick:  Texas A&M  33  Missouri  27 

Baylor @ Oklahoma State:  I know I have said this before and been dead wrong, but this game will be a shootout.  Neither team can stop other teams from scoring, so we may see a combined 90+ points.  Robert Griffin III and the Bears started the season on a roll, but realized that the Big 12 is a lot tougher than fans realize.  Oklahoma State is sitting at #3 in the BCS rankings, their highest ranking ever.  I give them the edge because of Blackmon and the home crowd.
My Pick:  Oklahoma State 47  Baylor 39

Oklahoma @ Kansas State:  Quick, who’s ranked higher?  If you guessed the surprise Wildcats, you would be right.  No one thought the Wildcats would be the team with no losses when these two teams met, but they have played well so far this season knocking off Baylor and Miami respectively.  Oklahoma is coming off a VERY tough loss to Big 12 rival Texas Tech in which the Sooners defense was rocked. Watch for Oklahoma to take out some frustrations on this good, but not great K State team.
My Pick:  Oklahoma 40  Kansas State 23

Florida vs. Georgia:  The World’s Largest Cocktail Party is always entertaining, even though both teams are down from where they normally are.  Florida has won 11 out of the last 14 meetings, but this year promises to be a toss up.  The Bulldogs have some nice young playmakers, including fresman RB Isaiah Crowell who has totaled over 600 yards rushing this season.  Florida has more speed, and needs a signature win this season.  Why not start now?
My Pick:  Florida 24  Georgia 20 

Upset Pick of the Week:  Georgia Tech 36  Clemson 35- The Yellowjackets can score, and I think they sneak up on the Tigers at home.  Should be a fun one to watch.

Game Nobody Cares About:  Culver Stockton 17  Lindenwood University 23- The Wildcats losing streak reaches 8 games.

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