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College Football: Week 5

Well last week was fun wasn’t it?  I was off to a HOT start in the picks, but my Upset Pick of the Week was WAY off and even the game nobody cares about was wrong.  I ended up 4-3.  That UGoTW is tough though.  This week promises to be a great one in college football.  We have tons of marquee match ups that will have major bowl and championship implications, here are the ones I will be watching:

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (in Arlington):  Both teams had GIGANTIC games last week, and both were on the losing end.  Everyone is seeing this as a “future SEC match up” but I am seeing it as two teams who are desperately trying to get back in the win column.  Even though this one is at 11 am, it might just be the best game of the day.  As always, the defenses will be the key to the game.
My Pick:  Arkansas 36  A&M 31

Mississippi State @ Georgia:  When you get to the SEC playing each other, it is always fun.  While saying teams that are 2-2 are facing off is a fun match up seems a little odd, this game will be.  Georgia is still trying to make a name for themselves in the SEC and MSU is trying to do the same.  This one could be ugly, but entertaining.
My Pick:  Georgia 20  Mississippi State 16 

Auburn @ South Carolina:  Oh man, ANOTHER great SEC game.  Auburn’s amazing win streak ended a couple of weeks ago in Clemson, but this team is still in the conference crown hunt.  South Carolina is undefeated, but they have not been that impressive the last two weeks on the offensive side of the ball.  Marcus Lattimore is a complete stud that will give the Tigers D fits, but Auburn will be able to counter with super soph Michael Dyer.  This will come down to the end….
My Pick:  Auburn 30  South Carolina 29 

Baylor @ Kansas State:  Someone will leave with their first loss of the season.  Will it be Baylor who has knocked off TCU and blasted two other teams or Kansas State who is coming off an impressive/statement win over Miami.  KSU is ranked #6 in total defense and will not back down against a high powered Bear offense.  This is your “under the radar great game of the day” game.  RGIII is FUN to watch, if you haven’t seen him, tune in.
My Pick:  Baylor 27  Kansas State 23 

Alabama @ Florida:  This game was much better a few years ago, but it still promises to one to watch.  Florida has made Gator fans forget an awful 2010, starting off 4-0 this season.  Coach Muschamp may not know what a Padawan is, but he sure does know defense.  The Gators have the 5th ranked defense in the nation and a speedy offense.  We all know about Bama.  Great defense with a hard nosed and sneaky good offense.  Could it be “upset” time in The Swamp?  I think I may go there.
My Pick:  Florida 33  Alabama 31 

Nebraska @ Wisconsin:  The new guys vs the defending champs.  Sounds like a Disney movie waiting to happen…or not.  QB Russell Wilson has been great with the Badgers so far, having them thinking of a national title shot.  Nebraska has been winning games, but the defense is not great, and will be challenged by a really good Wisconsin offense.  Russell Wilson and the strong Badger running game will be too much for the Huskers.
My Pick:  Wisconsin 35  Nebraska 29 

Upset Pick of the Week:  Clemson 28  Virginia Tech 24-  This is a game to watch, and probably won’t be considered too big of an upset.

Game Nobody Cares About:  CSU-Pueblo 40  Chadron State 20–  The only reason I picked this game is because CSU-P’s mascot is the Thunderwolves.  THUNDERWOLVES!


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