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Baseball Awesome Rankings: The Final Poll

Well, this is it.  I have taken a few weeks off getting ready for football season and watching the baseball races heat up.  Here are the final rankings before the playoffs start.  We have seen surprises (Arizona, Tampa Bay) and we saw the old stand bys come through (Yankees and Phillies).  Here is the list:

1.  Detroit Tigers (89-64):  Surprised?  Well, don’t be.  The Tigers have the best pitcher in baseball, Justin Verlander, and have clinched the division before anyone else in the American League.  The pitching staff is great, and if the hitter can keep hitting, this team is VERY dangerous come playoff time, which is soon.  8-2 over their last 10.

2.  Philadelphia Phillies (98-53):  The best team in baseball, well, record wise.  They did almost just get swept by the Astros (more later), but the Phillies have been the best team throughout the whole season.  No one is surprised they have the best record in baseball, and no one would be surprised if they made it to the World Series.

3.  New York Yankees (92-60):  What do you know, the Yankees have taken a 5.5 game lead in the AL East.  Not too surprised, although I did pick them to win the Wild Card and not the division.  Thanks to the sliding Red Sox, the Yankees are in prime position to win ANOTHER East title.  Curtis Granderson could be the AL MVP.

4.  Milwaukee Brewers (90-63):  Only 5-5 over their last 10, the Brewers have a fairly comfortable lead in the NL Central over the Cardinals who are 6.5 games behind.  Yes, the Cardinals.  Anyway, the Brewers are done playing the Cards and should roll into the playoffs featuring a great pitching staff and a wonderful 1-2 punch in Fielder and Braun.

5.  Texas Rangers (88-65):  As a fan, maybe I am hard on the Rangers.  Truth is, this is a good team that has potential to be VERY dangerous in October.  They haven’t had a complete lineup in quite some time with injuries to Beltre and Cruz coming at bad times.  If the starting pitching can shake off the “iffy” starts, the Rangers have a chance to win at least one series in the playoffs.

6.  Arizona Diamondbacks (88-65):  Same record as the Rangers, but I think the Texas team has a bit more parts.  Watching Arizona stay in the race this year has been fun, but they need to watch out for the Giants who are a mere 5 games back, sounds like a lot, but they have three games left with the defending world champs.

7.  Tampa Bay Rays (85-67):  What an amazing story.  Just when you thought there was NO WAY for the Rays to make the playoffs, they are one and a half games back of the Red Sox for the Wild Card spot.  To be honest, I think the BoSox hold on.

8.  San Francisco Giants (83-70):  Quick, who’s the hottest team in baseball?  Well, of course its the Giants or I wouldn’t be writing this here.  Winners of eight in a row, the Giants are making ONE last effort to catch the D-Backs.  Oh, they are only four out of the NL Wild Card race too.

9.  St Louis Cardinals (83-69):  Just 3.5 games out in the NL Wild Card race.  It is a good story, but I think the Giants would be the team to get the WC before the Cardinals….if that makes sense.

10.  Boston Red Sox (87-66):  Wow, a really struggling team.  I almost didn’t put them here, but they ARE in the playoff hunt, and it made sense to put them here.  Dangerous lineup, questionable pitching.  I would definitely be surprised if this team did not make the playoffs.


Bottom Four:

Houston Astros (52-100):  The FIRST to 100!!  Losses.  Not a surprise.

Minnesota Twins (59-93):  29.5 games out, 1-9 in their last 10.  Awful.

Baltimore Orioles (63-89):  I don’t even know what to say.

Colorado Rockies (70-82):  My pick to win it all, hahahahahaahhaha.

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