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College Football: Week 1

I was so busy this week, I didn’t get the picks in before the Thursday games.  I apologize.  I WOULD have picked Baylor of TCU, I mean it.  Remember, they were by dark dark dark horse National title contender.  Haha.  Here are my picks for Week 1 of the greatest time of the year!

South Florida @ Notre Dame:  This COULD be my upset pick of the week, but I may have something else up my sleeve.  The Bulls are a good team with a lot of speed and good players in key positions.  Notre Dame is looking to get the season off on the right foot before their big week two showdown with Michigan.  This game will be close throughout, with Notre Dame pulling away at the end.

My Pick:  Notre Dame 30  South Florida 24 (What really happened:  South Florida pulled a nice upset after long rain delays, 23-20)

East Carolina vs. South Carolina (in Charlotte):  I don’t really think this one will be close, but East Carolina has surprised some top ranked teams before in the early season.  The Pirates have some good players, including “go to” receiver Lance Lewis, but the Gamecock defense will be too much.  Anyone else excited to see Jadeveon Clowney play?  I am.  South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has already pulled a surprise, naming Connor Shaw as the starter over Stephen Garcia.

My Pick:  South Carolina 40 East Carolina 20  (What really happened:  South Carolina won 56-37.  The defense was unimpressive)

LSU vs. Oregon:  THE big matchup of the day, depending on who you like I guess.  The Ducks are coming off a great season in which they lost in the BCS title game against Auburn.  LSU is coming off some turmoil off the field that could serve as a distraction for the actual game.  Jordan Jefferson, the Tigers starting QB is out, and Jarrett Lee is in.  It will be interesting to see what the Ducks do to pressure Lee.  I guess I have to stick with my pre-season prediction (Oregon winning it all), but I do think this will be a great game.  LSU has TONS of talent, Oregon has TONS of speed.

My Pick:  Oregon 27  LSU 23  (What really happened:  Oregon made too many mistakes and a talented LSU team made them pay.  40-27)

Tulsa @ Oklahoma:  The pre-season #1 team takes on in state foe Tulsa.  Most would say this would be a sever blowout, but Tulsa has an explosive offense led by GJ Kinne.  This one will be close for awhile, but Oklahoma’s talent will be too much for the Hurricane.  Look for Sooner fans to be a LITTLE worried during the first half.

My Pick:  Oklahoma 45  Tulsa 20  (What really happened:  Oklahoma looked great.  The passing game is second to none.  Won 47-14)

Boise State vs. Georgia (in Atlanta):  Another great early season matchup for Boise State.  It seems like they do it every year, take on a “bigger and better” team and take that team to the woodshed.  Well, they have that chance again against a Georgia team that is looking to turn the corner.  The Bulldogs will feature Aaron Murray at QB and one of the most hyped running backs in a long time, Isaiah Crowell.  Georgia coach Mark Richt has been on the hot seat for some time, and a win over Boise State would really do a lot to help save his job and improve his teams confidence.

My Pick:  Georgia 35  Boise State 31  (What really happened:  Boise made another early season statement, pounding Georgia 35-21.)

Upset Pick of the Week:

SMU vs. Texas A&M:  The Aggies are a top 10 team for the first time in 50 years and…oh wait, not that long but they have made themselves into a pretty good team.  SMU is a team to watch out for.  QB Kyle Padron leads the Mustangs high powered offense which could and should give the Aggies defense headaches.  Yes, I am a Longhorn fan, but I think this one could be another surprise in the state of Texas, just like the Baylor win over TCU last night.  This one will be wild.

My Pick:  SMU 40  Texas A&M 39  (What really happened:  I was way off.  The Aggies dominated the Mustangs, 46-14)

Game No One Cares About:  Johns Hopkins 31  Merchant Marine Mariners 17- The Blue Jays don’t just have great doctors, they can play football too!  (What really happened:  Johns Hopkins dominated the Mariners with surgical precision.  Won 45-14)

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