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Baseball Awesome Rankings #11…and DOWN the stretch they come.

Maybe I am jumping the gun.  We still have a few weeks left of regular season baseball, but with some of the leads teams have, the time to move is NOW or never.  The last baseball rankings had a new (old) #1 team, the Philadelphia Phillies.  The Phils haven’t slipped out of the top 3 all season, will it happen this week?

1.  Milwaukee Brewers (76-52):  Sure, the Phils have a better overall record, but the Brewers are 22-3 over their last 25 games.  Amazing.  Better yet, their home record is 47-16.  Amazing again.  The rotation is good, the bullpen is good, the bats are good.  Watch out.

2.  Detroit Tigers (68-58):  Not the most impressive record, but their sweep of the 2nd place Indians was.  Justin Verlander should win the AL Cy Young award, and the bats are doing just enough to win games.  Jose Valverde is lights out at the end of games.

3.  New York Yankees (77-48):  While it would be hard to pick the Yankees to beat Philly in a 7 game series, the Yankees are playing good baseball right now.  Curtis Granderson continues his  surprising season.

4.  Philadelphia Phillies (81-44):  Out of the top 3 for the first time all season….yeah I did it on purpose.  I was getting bored with it.

5.  Boston Red Sox (77-49):  I think I said on the first JWSBBAR that the AL East would be a race all season.  It still is.  The BoSox are a half game behind the Yankees, and the Tampa Bay Rays are playing competitive baseball.  I think the Red Sox win the division.

6.  Texas Rangers (73-55):  The Rangers win series in impressive fashion, then find a way to lose series in dismal fashion.  The bullpen is better, and a true gauge of how good the Rangers are starts Monday against the #5 Red Sox.

7.  Atlanta Braves (76-52):  Just 6.5 behind the Phillies, which is a victory in itself.  The pitching staff is one of the best, but it will be hard to win the division.  Good thing they are first in the Wild Card race.

8.  Tampa Bay Rays (69-56):  Speaking of the Rays, they are “hanging around” in the AL East.  Problem is, the two best American league teams are right there with them.  If they can’t catch the division lead (they won’t), they have a shot (small, and they won’t) at the AL Wild Card.

9.  St. Louis Cardinals (67-60):  I was thinking of cutting the list off at 8.  The rest of the teams on the board have not been great lately.  The Cardinals are a season high 8.5 games back of the Brewers, and are losing hope fast.  These next two weeks are HUGE.  Have a big time matchup with the Brewers at the end of the month, hopefully it will mean something, if they aren’t out of it.

10.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California USA (69-59):  Again, I guess a few teams could have been snuck in here, but the Angels have been gritty gutty.  They faced a 8 game deficit, but were able to beat the Rangers once in their big series last week, and while the Rangers lost a few, they won.  Four games back looks good to them.

Bottom Four:

1.  Houston Astros (42-85):  Can they catch the Orioles?  Well, I guess the question is will the Orioles lose enough to have the worst record in baseball?  Not sure, I think the Astros take the title as worst team.

2.  Baltimore Orioles (47-77):  I think I remember the Orioles competing for first place in the AL East early this season.  Yes, it was like 5 games in.  Nevermind.

3.  Kansas City Royals (52-76):  Poor Royals.  Will they EVER be good again?

4.  Seattle Mariners (53-72):  The pitching isn’t the problem, having guys like Jack Cust (gone now) and Wily Mo Pena in the lineup is.  No offense Mr. Mo Pena.  Just saying, when you put Wily Mo in, you have given up and you just want to see how far he can hit it.

5.  Los Angeles Dodgers (57-69):  I don’t think they have been on either side of this list all year.  I swear this team has talent, they just can’t win.  I guess not having money matters.

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