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Fantasy Draft #1 (of 3) of 2011.

If you are a friend of mine, you have certainly heard that I was in four fantasy leagues last year and won them all.  It’s true.  It was actually three.  My friend Neal and I went head to head in a crazy points fest where four QB’s played each week, 6 RB’s and 5o WR’s (or something like that).  That didn’t really count, but it counted.  Anyway, a lot of pressure comes with a season like that.  Well, I am in three fantasy leagues this year, and draft #1 was today.  Here is the team I am left with:

* (denotes probable/possible starter)


*Drew Brees- My #1 pick.  I was the second to last pick, and wanted Jamaal Charles, but a consistent guy like Brees will work.

David Garrard- Some teams get another good QB, just in case one gets hurt.  Not me.  I am planning on using Garrard ONCE this season.

Running Backs:

*Ray Rice- My second overall pick.  I had Rice last year, and I wasn’t happy.  I actually traded him mid-season.  He better make up for it.

*Cedric Benson- I think El Ced has another good year in Cincy.  Dark horse pick.

C.J. Spiller- Bench player, but could help out some.  Will definitely play at least one week.

Wide Receivers:

*Mario Manningham- Meh, I needed another RB/WR.  I figure he will get some balls.

*Vincent Jackson- One of my bell cows two years ago.  San Diego loves to throw the ball, someone has to catch it.

*Dwayne Bowe- Another “no name” guy.  He will do a lot this year, especially with Breaston taking pressure off of him.  First WR taken on my team.

Brandon Marshall- He was stabbed, but I think he is the only guy actually playing in Miami.  Maybe not.

Braylon Edwards- San Fran doesn’t throw it THAT well, but he will do ok.

*Julio Jones- Maybe my fave pick of the draft.  He could be special.

James Jones- Meh, I needed another pick.  Again though, Rodgers does throw a lot.

Tight Ends:

*Jermichael Finley- One of the “must haves” for me this year.  He was on my team last year, but got hurt.  Rodgers LOVES him.

Rob Gronkowski- Won me a championship last year as a late season addition.  Really late addition.

Defense/Special Teams:

*Baltimore Ravens- I think I am remembering the 2002 Ravens defense. Oh well, they will be ok.


*Alex Henery- Rookie kicker?  Ouch, may need to check the free agent pool.


Well, that is it.  I am not sure how the team is going to do, but I was worried about Philip Rivers last year and he turned out ok.

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