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Baseball Awesome Rankings #10.

I feel horrible.  The dreaded JWSB curse has struck again.  The Pirates were enjoying their best season since I was like 3, and I put them at #7 in the last JWSBBAR’s.  Well, since then, they are in a deathly tail spin and 10 games out in the NL Central.  Uggh.  On the bright side, they still have a sweet stadium.  Here is #10 of the JWSB Baseball Awesome Rankings:

1.  Philadelphia Phillies (74-40):  No one is really surprised by this.  The Phils are 9-1 over their last 10 games, and have put 8.5 games between them and the Braves.

2.  Boston Red Sox (70-43):  Last installments #1 team, the BoSox have cooled off a little since then.  Just won a crucial series against the Yankees, the Sox are now one game up in the AL East.  Adrian Gonzalez is still the AL MVP front runner, but Jacoby Ellsbury sure is playing well.

3.  Milwaukee Brewers (65-50):  While their record may suggest they are a top 10-15 team, the Brewers are white hot right now.  Just like Philly, they are 9-1 over their last 10, and have the Majors best home record (41-15).  That could help come playoff time.

4.  New York Yankees (69-44):  Disappointing series against the Red Sox, but the Yankees are still right in the middle of the AL East race and Wild Card race.  Let’s face it, the loser of this division will take the Wild Card.  C.C. Sabathia is crazy good.

5.  Detroit Tigers (61-53):  Won 2 out of 3 earlier this week against the Rangers, a definite playoff contender, without throwing Justin Verlander.  Good team, good staff, tough division.

6.  San Francisco Giants (63-52):  Everyone knows about the pitching and lack of offense, so they went out and got Carlos Beltran.  Well, in 11 games since coming over from NY, Beltran has zero home runs, one double and is batting .240.  They hope he heats up quick.

7.  Atlanta Braves (66-49):  A great record, especially when looking up at the Phillies.  But trailing the Phillies by 8.5 games is not what this team was expecting at this time.  Good young talent, great pitching staff.  Currently leading the NL Wild Card race.  Get this staff in the playoffs, and they could be dangerous.

8.  Texas Rangers (64-51):  As a fan of the Rangers, its is sometimes hard watching these guys.  Even though they had a 12 game win streak at the All Star break, the Rangers sometimes look like a division cellar dweller.  Mike Adams helps the much questioned bullpen though.  The Angels are staying close.

9.  Anaheim Angels of the West Coast California Los Angeles (63-52):  Again, great pitching staff with nice young players filling in where needed.  The Rangers are going to have to fight this team off the rest of the way.

10.  Arizona Diamondbacks (62-52):  Dropped two spots from the last countdown, even though they went 10-8 over that time span.  This team KEEPS making things interesting, which continues to surprise even the best baseball minds.  Will be fun to watch the rest of the way.  Have won more games on the road than at home.  Interesting for such a  young team.

Bottom Four:

1.  Pittsburgh Pirates (54-59):  I know it was you Pittsburgh.  You broke my heart.  You broke my heart.  10 game slide hurts, probably won’t recover.

2.  Houston Astros (37-77):  The only good news here is that they are only 28.5 games out.  I was thinking it was more like 57.

3.  Baltimore Orioles (44-67):  Do they even play on t.v. anymore?  You never hear anything about these guys.

4.  Seattle Mariners (49-64):  Have a chance to make up some ground with series against Texas coming up.  Haha.

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