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Pre-Season NFL Top 10.

After a long lockout, the NFL season is upon us.  I even saw a commercial for an upcoming pre-season game on August 12th.  Crazy.  To make it more official,  I have been invited to my first two Fantasy football leagues.  Huzzah.  I know there are A LOT of moves that could still happen (free agents), but the teams are really starting to take shape.  What better way to make myself look like a fool and ring in the new season, than to rank the top 10 NFL teams.  Hey, I will even throw in the bottom four.  Here we go:

1.  Green Bay Packers:  Is it possible the Packers are kind of a dark horse candidate?  I mean, no one is talking about them at all.  You know, the same Packers who won the Super Bowl last year.  Aaron Rodgers returns, kind of like Neo after he finds out he is The One in the Matrix.  It will be really hard to stop him.  One thing to remember, Jermichael Finley returns after missing most of the season with an injury.  Probably the best young TE in the league that no one remembers.  Until someone proves it, they are still #1.

2.  Philadelphia Eagles:  Am I buying the hype?  Yes, I think I will.  The Eagles have been “the talk” of the NFL pre-season so far.  Signing Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin, Vince Young and trading for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the Eagles have given themselves a scary looking secondary and much needed depth.  Don’t forget, the Eagles were good last year.  The main question will be if Vick can stay healthy and play like he did last year when he was healthy.  The defense will be good, the offense, good.  The NFC will be fun to watch.

3.  New England Patriots:  The Patriots always seem to be near the top of the NFL elite.  Tom Brady is one of the main reasons, but it is also the play of un sung heroes.  Guys like Julian Edelman, Brandon Tate, Danny Woodhead and BenJarvis Green-Ellis all contributed last year, leaving some NFL to ask “who are these guys?”  The Patriots made some moves in the off season signing OchoCinco and one time dominant Albert Haynesworth.  If the defense can play well (finished 5th in total defense last year) then this team will once again be one of the favorites in the AFC.

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  Lost last years Super Bowl to the #1 Packers.  Last year, the Steelers had big questions to start the season, such as “how are we going to win without Big Ben the first 5 games?”  Well, they did fine.  This year, Big Ben is here for the start of the season, as well as one of the league’s top defenses.

5.  Atlanta Falcons:  Surprisingly a surprise last season.  They looked good on paper, but no one predicted what this team did last year.  Ranked 11th in both total offense and defense, the Falcons reached the playoffs but were blown out by the eventual champs Green Bay.  Matt Ryan is one of the marquee players in the NFL, and the Falcons did themselves a favor by drafting Alabama WR Julio Jones.  Look for another playoff run out of this team.

6.  Baltimore Ravens:  There are certain things you can expect with the Ravens.  Tough defense.  Ball control offense.  They seem to have a lot of the right pieces still in place.  Ray Rice is a stud back.  Ray Lewis still captains an aging but talented defense.  Joe Flacco is one of the keys.  He has played well at times, but has also looked a little confused at other times.  Watch for the Ravens to challenge the #4 Steelers in the AFC North.

7.  New York Jets:  I can’t stand the Jets.  Some of these teams I have “liked” at one point in my life, but never the Jets.  I have never liked their players, their team, their coach, their fans.  I don’t know why.  Anyway, I am getting off point.  The Jets will be good again this year, highlighted by a punishing defense.  Matt Sanchez is still a young QB who will do good and bad things, but he is their man.  The signing of Plaxico Burress will help the offense, how much remains to be seen.  The RB by committee approach will probably be used again, mainly with LT and Shonn Greene.

8.  New Orleans Saints:  Devastating loss in the first round of the playoffs last year, the Saints have made some good offseason moves.  They got rid of Reggie Bush, and drafted Mark Ingram.  Last years top ranked offense still features Drew Brees, and a good stable of young RB’s.  The defense is always a question, but was ranked in the top 10 in total D last year and is always good and getting the ball.  The Saints are in a tough division, but could find themselves in the playoffs again.

9.  Dallas Cowboys:  Homer call?  Perhaps, but my gosh the Cowboys are due.  Positive, Tony Romo will be healthy to start the season.  Just when the Cowboys looked like they were about to turn the corner last year, Romo was hurt and the season was lost.  The Cowboys cut some major fat this offseason, getting rid of Roy Williams and Leonard Davis, and drafting USC tackle Tryon Smith.  The main question for the Cowboys is if they will play up to what their talent is.  Oh, and the secondary.  It was awful last year.

10.  Indianapolis Colts:  Any time Peyton Manning is your QB,  you have a chance to be a pretty good team.  Let’s face it though, Manning is not getting younger, and his talent around him is not the best in the league.  The Colts offense will not be the problem this season, it will be the play of their defense.  Indy drafted big OL Anthony Costanzo, which could allow Manning a few more good seasons for the Colts.

Just Missed and Could Be On The List Soon:

1.  Cleveland Browns:  I just like them…ok, because of Colt McCoy.

2.  Detroit Lions:  Another young team that has some MAJOR studs on defense.

3.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  ANOTHER very young team that was the surprise of the season last year.

4.  Minnesota Vikings:  Donovan McNabb is an upgrade over Brett Favre, let’s be honest.

5.  Chicago Bears:  Made it to the NFC Championship last season.  Wait, they did?  They did.

Bottom Four:

1.  Oakland Raiders

2.  Washington Redskins

3.  Denver Broncos

4.  Buffalo Bills

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