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The BIG Question….Texas Football.

I try to be as un-biased as I can be when it comes to making predictions, coverage, etc etc.  I think I do a great job at not being too biased when it comes to my analysis of teams and season predictions, but it is usually pretty easy to tell where I am from (Texas) and what teams I choose to root for (Rangers, Cowboys, Longhorns).  That being said, I was asked the other day how I thought the Longhorns would turn out this season, so here is a game by game breakdown of sorts.  The Horns were horrible last year.  Sure, they beat Texas Tech, Nebraska, Wyoming (I almost listed all their wins) and played Oklahoma and A&M close, but the 2010 Longhorns looked dysfunctional.  A few post season changes (bye Greg Davis and Muschamp) and Texas has a different outlook on life.  Here are the breakdowns, hope you enjoy, and Hookem.

Rice:  This will be a blowout, but not by much.  Garrett Gilbert will PROBABLY be the starter in the opener, but watch out for Connor Wood.  As I said, Texas will win, but it will look a lot like 2010.  One change?  The game is IN Austin, not Houston like years past. My Pick:  W

BYU:  Interesting game.  If Texas is TRULY trying to become an elite team again, this game will be a definite win.  Of course, that was said last  year against UCLA, Baylor, etc etc.  BYU is always a well coached, well prepared team.  Something that Texas was not last year.  This one will be close.  My Pick:  W

@ UCLA:  The UCLA game last year is when the problems started.  The Bruins GASHED the Longhorn defense.  This year, the only BIG difference is that the game is in California.  Another close game that could go either way, especially in pre-season.  My Pick:  W

@Iowa State:  Texas was embarrassed last year by the Cyclones, and will be unhappy about it this year.  I honestly think the Horns will get their first big blowout of the season in Ames.  My Pick:  W

Oklahoma (in Dallas):  There are some years where this game is a complete blowout (2000, 2005) and some where this one is close, no matter the rankings (2010, 2009, 1997).  Oklahoma is a pre-season top 3 team, while Texas is probably unranked.  That doesn’t matter in this rivalry, but the talent does.  My Pick:  L

Oklahoma State:  Oklahoma State FINALLY beat the Longhorns after years of frustration in 2010.  The Cowboy offense is great, the defense is questionable (same old song).  If the Longhorns can get the offense going (hello Gilbert) then this should be a fun one to watch. If not, trouble.  The game IS in Austin again, which could sway my pick later, especially after seeing the way the Horns are playing.  My Pick:  L

Kansas:  Easy, my prediction:  PAIN.  Texas doesn’t have an easy schedule, but it isn’t a top 10 most difficult either.  This is another blowout for Texas this year.  My Pick:  W

Texas Tech:  Is every game in Austin this year?  This game is always fun and this year will be no different.  Texas Tech is down this year, and the game is in Austin.  My Pick:  W

@ Missouri:  Another interesting game that I have NO clue about.  It helps that the game is in Missouri, but the Tigers lost a lot from last year.  My Pick:  W

Kansas State:  It is hurtful to go back and look at games from last year, but Kansas State lost some talent from last year as well.  This one will be close.  My Pick:  W

@ Texas A&M:  Just like the ou game, this one is never decided on paper.  A&M is a fashionable pick this year as far as Big 12 title contenders goes.  I don’t know if I buy it, but they also scare me.  The game being at Kyle Field never helps.  My Pick:  L

@ Baylor:  The Bears beat the Longhorns last year after losing 58 games in a row to the Longhorns (not accurate).  While they have talent, I think things get back to normal in the series, meaning Texas wins big.  My Pick:  W

2011 Regular Season Record prediction:  9-3

So there you have it, my pre-season outlook for the Longhorns is a 9 win season and a pretty good bowl game.  Of course, things may change after actually seeing the Longhorns play a few times.  The key is QB play (may not even be G. Gilbert) and stopping the HUGE plays that were given up last year on defense.


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  1. Jeff W
    August 20, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    I am realizing that my picks are a bit homerish. I bet it’s more like 6-6 on the season. Heh.

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