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MLB Awesome Rankings #9

Let’s get down to it, some things have stayed the same, some things have really changed.  I mentioned on Twitter to Jeff Clark (@jbclark9) that the Rangers “needed to put something together to crack the top 10”.  Well, they have done that winning 11 games in a  row.  The JWSB has influence like no other I guess.  Here is the latest installment of the JWSBBAR:

1.  Boston Red Sox (58-36):  I think the Red Sox are pretty interchangeable with the Phillies, but I just wanted something new at the top.  One reason I have vaulted the Sox into the first position, is the 9-1 record over their last 10 games.  The Phillies?  6-4.

2.  Philadelphia Phillies (59-36):  As mentioned, the Phillies are still one of the best teams in baseball, but the Red Sox have been a bit more impressive lately.  Halladay is coming off a bad loss the the Cubs, and a bit of exhaustion.  Should be fine though.

3.  Texas Rangers (55-41):  Quite a jump.  It is hard to deny that the Rangers are the hottest team in baseball, because well, they are.  Winners of 11 in a row and a four game lead in the West.  If the pitching can stay this good and consistent, the Rangers will make a deep playoff run.

4.  San Francisco Giants (56-41):  The Giants and Carlos Beltran have been linked in trade rumors, which would be a HUGE boost to this lineup.  Even though San Fran has done well with what seems to be a “lacking” power lineup, an addition like Beltran to the lineup would be significant.  The pitching staff is still one of the best.

5.  Atlanta Braves (57-39):  In my opinion, the least respected team in the Majors.  The offense has had great contributions from youngsters, and the pitching staff, including the bullpen is one of the best in the majors.  Rookies Freddie Freeman and Chad Kimbrel have been fun to watch.

6.  New York Yankees (56-37):  With the 3,000 watch over, the Yankees are focused on one thing, the playoffs.  Just like always though, the Yankees are also looking to make big moves at the trade deadline.  Expect something to go down to help the Yankees rotation, with Ubaldo Jimenez being the main target.

7.  Pittsburgh Pirates (50-44):  The Pirates haven’t been in first place this late since 1992.  I was in 7th grade.  Wow.  18 consecutive losing seasons in a row could be coming to an end.  While six games above .500 is not the 2001 Mariners, it is a big change in Pittsburgh.  Lets all hope the Bucs can stay in the race.

8.  Arizona Diamondbacks (52-44):  Another big surprise in the National league.  Just 3.5 games out in the NL West at the time of this post, the D-backs have done it with a young nucleus of stars.  The pitching hasn’t been great, but the defense and offense has done enough, lead by Justin Upton and Chris Young.

9.  St. Louis Cardinals (50-45):  Trying to catch the Pirates..did you think you would hear that this year?  Albert Pujols started this season slow, but is starting to get warmer as the temperature rises.  20 hrs and a 278 average aren’t normal numbers for him, but watch them rise as the Cards make a move in the Central.

10.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California and the Surrounding Areas (51-45):  There are a couple of teams that could sneak in here (Brewers, Rays, Twins) but the upcoming series with the Rangers will show where BOTH teams need to be.  Dan Haren and Jared Weaver COULD give the Angels an edge in the series.

Bottom Four:

1a.  Houston Astros (31-65):  20 games out in the Central, and lucky it isn’t 35.   Rumors are they are shopping Hunter Pence, which I am against.  He is Houston baseball right now.

1b.  Seattle Mariners (43-58):  In my haste to finish this blog post, I forgot to mention the Mariners.  At the time, the losing streak was JUST 9 games, now we are at 15.  Whoa.

2.  Baltimore Orioles (38-55):  2-8 in their last 10.  The Orioles could be making moves at the trade dead line, but not in a good way.   Lots of talent here, but no real pitching.

3.  Kansas City Royals (38-58):  The next JWSB team.  I don’t remember the last time the Royals had a “good” team.  They seem like a AAA team for all the other teams that want their young talent.  Eric Hosmer is fun to watch, hopefully he is a Royal a long time.

4.  Chicago Cubs (39-58):  I want the Cubs to be good, I really do.  Starlin Castro is a nice young piece of the puzzle, but once again, the pitching is subject.  Carlos Marmol will probably get moved, if anyone wants him.


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