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Baseball Awesomeness Rankings #8.

I love baseball.  It is the time of year now for baseball and baseball only.  The All- Star game is next week, preceded by the Homerun Derby.  As much flak MLB has taken over the years for their all star game, it is still the best in all of sports.  Not sure who said it, but it is the only all star exhibition that seems to be played like the original version of the game.  Guys are trying their hardest, playing defense and swinging for the fences.  Well, I will get over the Andrew McCutchen snub (.291, 12 hrs, 46 rbi, 52 runs, 15 sb), just long enough to watch the game.  Here are the rankings for early July:

1.  Philadelphia Phillies (55-32):  What surprises me about the Phillies, is that people were not expecting them to run away with this division.  Really?  Even with Oswalt out, their rotation is the best in baseball.  Cole Hamels has been great.  The Phils have the largest lead in the majors, but watch out for Atlanta, they are playing well.

2.  New York Yankees (51-33):  The Captain is back, chasing 3,000.  We are talking about hits here.  I have never been a Jeter fan, but he is one of the greats during my generation.  Hard to deny that.

3.  Atlanta Braves (51-36):  One of the hottest teams in baseball.  The Braves are 8-2 over their last 10, lead by a stellar pitching staff.  If they can’t catch the Phillies, they will be in the hunt for a Wild Card berth.

4.  Boston Red Sox (50-35):  Not sure how long Jon Lester will be out, but this team is still dangerous.  The AL East is always fun to watch, but the Sox-Yankee race to the finish could be epic.  Adrian Gonzalez is still my MVP front runner.

5.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California USA (46-41):  I still don’t know what their name is.  The Angels have been a real surprise this season, lead by Dan Haren and Jared Weaver.

6.  San Francisco Giants (48-39):  My Colorado pick out of the West is looking worse and worse.  The Giants are just a fun team to watch, that is if you like pitching, defense and timely hitting.  Fear the Beard.

7.  St. Louis Cardinals (47-40):  Something about these Cardinals always catches you by surprise.  You can never name most of their lineup, but they keep winning.  Oh yeah, Albert is back today.  Yikes.  Just when the Brewers were my pick to make a huge move, the Cardinals maintain first place.

8.  Pittsburgh Pirates (45-41):  Alright, I may be jumping the gun, but I am excited for the Pirates.  Since I was a young boy, I have chosen teams who were horrible (Patriots, Indians, Braves) and become their “fan”.  Well, the Patriots became dominant, the Braves won a World Series, and so did the Indians.  My team now, the Pirates.  I am on board.  LETS DO THIS!   Oh, and Andrew McCutchen should have been an all star.

9.  Tampa Bay Rays (47-39):  Hidden in the tough AL East, the Rays are hanging tough.  David Price is a stud.  It will be interesting to see how big a part the Rays play in the East, especially as a spoiler to the Sox or Yankees.

10.  Arizona Diamondbacks (47-40):   Great young nucleus out in Arizona.  Justin Upton is the player everyone hoped he would be, and Miguel Montero is a nice young catcher.  The pitching needs to tighten up if they want to stay in the NL West race, but the DBacks have lots of young talent, possible trade bait.


Bottom Four (This may never change again):

Houston Astros (29-58):  Lost the Silver Boot, again.  That is like the World Series here in Texas.  Hah.  The ‘Stros are 1-9 over their last 10.

Kansas City Royals (35-51):  Poor Royals.  I may have to start being a “fan” of them soon.  I don’t remember the last time they were good.

L.A. Dodgers (37-50):  Are the Dodgers still playing games?  Do they have any money?  Maybe they should move to Brooklyn…wait.

Chicago Cubs (35-52):  What a mess.  The lovable losers are just that.  I think they sign Pujols next year though.




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