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Baseball Awesome Rankings #6.

It has been nearly three weeks since the last Awesome rankings, and once again, things change. Just a few weeks ago the Indians looked like the class of the Majors, but a sweep by the Texas Rangers has pushed them down the countdown. Old favorites Boston and Philly are still around, and “out of nowhere” Arizona is still hanging around. Man I love baseball. Here is the first June installment of the Awesome Rankings:

1. Philadelphia Phillies (36-24): Back on top after a few weeks off. The Phillies offense was struggling for some time, but the return of Chase Utley has gotten them going again, even though they currently rank 9th in the NL in team batting average. Remember, for the past few years, this offense has been one of the best in baseball. Cliff Lee looked GREAT last night against the Dodgers.

2. St. Louis Cardinals (36-25): #8 in the last rankings, the Cardinals had a great week leading up to this countdown. Albert Pujols (maybe you have heard of him) ended two games against the Cubs with homeruns. Special. He hit 5 homers in a 7 game homestand. He is waking up, the Cards just hope the pitching staff can keep it together. They are 7th in the National League in team ERA (3.69).

3. New York Yankees (33-24): HUGE series with bitter rival Red Sox starting on Tuesday. The Yankees lead MLB in homeruns with 88, and the pitching has been solid. Surprising to me, Alex Rodriguez continues to hit. 10 homeruns, 33 rbi and a .287 batting average for a guy who is as consistent as they come.

4. Milwaukee Brewers (34-26): First surprise of the countdown? The Brewers have snuck into the list with superb pitching (7 shutouts this season) lead by a healthy Zach Greinke, Shawn Marcum and Yovani Gallardo. One of the best rotations no one ever talks about. Don’t forget sluggers Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder who make a dynamic middle of the order.

5. Boston Red Sox (33-26): Only 6-4 in their last 10 games, the Red Sox hope to move up this list after a BIG series against the Yankees starting on Tuesday night. Carl Crawford is finally playing like Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez continues playing like an MVP (.339 avg, 12 homeruns, 50 rbi)

6. Texas Rangers (34-27): One of the hottest teams in baseball, although they were BLOWN OUT last night against Detroit. Texas is 8-2 over it’s last ten games, mainly because of the return of Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz. Once again though, this season is all about the Rangers pitching staff. Rangers pitchers lead the majors with 8 total shutouts and are fourth in team ERA (3.65).

7. Cleveland Indians (33-25): Still featuring a good record, the Indians have lost 5 in a row including a four game sweep at the hands of the #6 Rangers. Justin Masterson needs to pitch well soon, as he goes, so go the Indians. Asdrubal Cabrera is at the top of the list of early MVP hopefuls.

8. San Francisco Giants (34-26): Once again in first place in the NL West, something that surprises me after losing their best player Buster Posey. They will continue to battle the whole season though at the top. I think the Posey loss hurts them later.

9. Detroit Tigers (32-27): Love the young staff (Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello) and the offense (Cabrera, Martinez, Boesch). Our pre season Central winner is making a move on the hot starting Indians. Should be a fun one to watch this summer.

10. Arizona Diamondbacks (33-27): I think we are a season or two away before this team really becomes contenders. That being said, the NL West is always close and that gives this team a chance to sneak in at the end. The pitching staff has led the way this season.

Bottom Four:
Minnesota Twins: Hey, at least football season is coming up soon..oh wait…
Houston Astros: Have ONE more win than the twins, hey at least football…nvm.
Washington Nationals: Maybe they should just call up Bryce Harper.
Chicago Cubs: Zambrano just yelled at me for putting them here, but they are awful.

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