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NBA Finals: Dallas vs Miami (again)

Back in October, I made all of my NBA pre-season picks and hoped they would stick. Even though I had the Heat vs. Thunder, I was happy to see Dallas reach the finals again. While Miami was struggling to find their identity a lot of the season, the Mavericks were playing great basketball lead by their veterans and strong bench. I think MOST people thought Miami would find their stride at some point in the season, and perhaps make a run late into the playoffs. I know I did. The Mavericks were a different story though. Although they had a good team, they had a tough road in a very competitive Western conference. Now, both teams are playing their best basketball all season and they meet again in the Finals, just like in 2006. Here are some things to watch and my pick to win it all:

What member of the Heat gets to guard Dirk Nowitzki?: That is easy, I have no idea. I would not be surprised to see at least four different Heat starters take on the big German. Joel Anthony played well against Dirk this season. Chris Bosh is athletic and long, and could give Dirk trouble getting shots up. (I almost laughed typing that..ha) Bosh may be busy with Tyson Chandler though. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said that Lebron James will get a chance as well. Don’t forget Udonis Haslem. Whatever the case, Nowitzki will get a heavy wave of pressure from numerous Heat players.

What is the key for the Miami Heat?: Well one, you have to keep Dirk Nowitzki in check, but everyone knows that is a tough job. One of the bright spots during the playoffs for the Mavs has been guard JJ Barea. Even though Barea is only my size, he has been able to make plays and get to the basket almost at will. The Heat know how important Barea is to the Mavs attack, and has promised not to forget about him. Also, the Heat need Chris Bosh to be the true All Star that he is. We saw it during the Chicago series, but the Heat will be more dependent on him this series. The Mavericks are another stellar defensive team, so Dwayne Wade and Lebron James might find it hard to create. That will leave more shots to Bosh.

What about the referees?: The 2006 Finals were a nightmare for Mavs fans. Most of them, including Laker coach Phil Jackson blame the refs for the series loss. Dwayne Wade set a Finals record for most trips to the free throw line in Game 5 with 21. Don’t forget though, just this season Dirk went to the free throw line 24 times (made all of em) in Game one vs the Thunder. I watched the finals 5 years ago, it was bad, but it was not all the referees fault. The Mavs had a whole lot of choking going on. Yeah I said. Of course there will be bad calls made, but the referees won’t determine this years winner.

My Pick (running out of time here…): Mavericks in 7. Lebron cannot get it done again. Dwayne Wade has looked “not great” lately, and I think the Dallas defense is the difference in this series. Dirk is playing like a man possessed, and the Dallas bench is much better than the Heat. I truly believe that. Jason Kidd and Terry will be key for the Mavs, and Tyson Chandler has been a HUGE surprise and a bit unforgotten this whole season. The Mavericks will win their first championship in franchise history.

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