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The MLB Awesome Rankings: #4

I have to admit, I have been watching a lot of playoff basketball (post to come soon) and the NFL draft, and have not been able to watch a lot of baseball! Embarrassing! But here we go, there are some changes at the top.

1. Cleveland Indians (19-8): Most casual fans probably couldn’t tell you who has the best record in baseball right now, but it is the Indians. What a story they are. Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore are leading this team along with pitchers Masterson and Tomlin.

2. Philadelphia Phillies (18-9): Placido Palanco is one of the leagues better hitters, and this pitching staff still remains. Like I said before, this team will be on this list for the duration.

3. Colorado Rockies (17-9): You don’t win it all in the first month of the season, but the Rockies sure did try. On a little bit of a slide, the Rockies are still a good team. Just like me, they are wondering when Carlos Gonzalez will get going. Jorge De La Rosa has been great.

4. Florida Marlins (17-9): Crazy. I remember having to choose between a Rockies shirt and a Marlins shirt when both teams came into the league in the 90’s, now they are battling it out for third place on my blog. Small world. Or whatever. A LOT of people like this team, and I do too. Josh Johnson is a stud.

5. New York Yankees (16-9): Like I said, they will continue to be here. Robinson Cano is a sure-fire (under the radar) star and AJ Burnett hasn’t imploded yet. Always good news.

6. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of the World (16-12): I don’t know much about this team, but that rally monkey sure does scare me. Oh, Haren and Weaver are taking over the world.

7. Texas Rangers (16-13): Man, this team is not looking good. Hopefully Hamilton’s return comes sooner than later, but he can’t pitch. Sounds like 2002 all over again.

8. St. Louis Cardinals (16-12): Maybe I should put them higher, but the Cards are once again the talk of the NL Central. Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman are leading the charge. Wait what?

9. Tampa Bay Rays (15-13): Just 2.5 games behind the Yankees, not bad considering the horrible start they had. Matt Joyce is playing well, and Evan Longoria comes back on Tuesday. Hmm.

10. Oakland A’s (15-14): Kind of a log jam in this position. The A’s get the nod because of the “weakness” of the AL West and their pitching staff. If they had one more sure batter, this team could be dangerous later in the year.

Bottom Four:
San Diego Padres: No Gonzalez, no wins. I honestly have not seen a game of theirs this year.
Minnesota Twins: Ouch. Nine wins? Only team to not have at least 10.
Houston Astros: Back again after a week off. That a way!
New York Mets: Hmm, they were on national t.v. last night and the Osama Bin Laden news took over. Hah, nice knowing you Mets.

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