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2011 Baseball Awesome Rankings: #1

The NFL and NCAA versions are so popular (haha), why not rank the teams in America’s past time. It has been a great opening week of baseball so far, but we have a LONG way to go. It is hard to get too excited about one team doing well after 6 games, I realize that. I would be HIGHLY surprised if the Orioles win the AL East and the Red Sox finish in last. Anyway, here are the first rankings:

1. Texas Rangers (6-0): Maybe a homer call, but the Rangers are playing great baseball. Two series, no losses. The Red Sox know how good the Rangers are playing right now. Nellie Cruz continues his early season domination. Oh, and the pitching (without Cliff Lee) is fifth in the majors with a staff ERA of 2.83.

2. Philadelphia Phillies (5-1): Yeah the rotation is good, but the offense has been the story this early. The Phillies have a team batting average of .353, and have not relied solely on the home run. They are middle of the pack (only five) in that category. Oh, and when the bats stop, the arms will still be there.

3. Cincinnati Reds (5-1): Our Central winners this season have started off well, much like last season. This team has figured out ways to win games, something that a lot of teams don’t have. Joey Votto hasn’t opened up his power swing yet, but it’s coming.

4. Colorado Rockies (4-1): Our pre-season pick to win it all, the Rockies lead the competitive NL West early, which is important. Troy Tulowitzki will make a run at NL MVP. Colorado is second in the league with a 2.49 team ERA.

5. Baltimore Orioles (5-1): SOMEBODY BREAK UP THE ORIOLES! Buck Showalter has his team playing well right now. Old stars like Vlad Guerrero and Derek Lee mixed with young stars like Markakis and Jones make this team a fun one to watch. Oh, and the 2.33 ERA the staff has leads the majors. Can they keep it up?

6. Chicago White Sox (4-2): The question coming into this season was pitching, which hasn’t been great. Everyone knew this offense would rake, and they have. This Central race will be one of the closest all season.

7. New York Yankees (4-2): Admittedly, this first ranking for the Bronx Bombers is a little low, but I wanted to put the Orioles in the top 5. Haha. This team will continue to be in the playoff hunt. Mark Teixeira is having an uncharacteristic hot start.

8. Toronto Blue Jays (4-2): So far, doing things well as an entire team. Ranked in the top five in both hitting and pitching, the Jays have their hands full in the crowded AL East.

9. Kansas City Royals (4-2): No real reason to put these guys here. Their record is top 10, but I don’t expect for the Royals to be on the count down too much longer. Fun team though, I admit that I am a closet fan.

10. San Francisco Giants (2-4): WHAT? How could I put this team here? Well, I don’t know, but I am still a fan of the Giants. The pitching staff is still great, the bats just have to wake up. They are about to go on a run.

Bottom Four:
Boston Red Sox: Don’t have to sell World Series tickets yet, but you may want to get ready.
Tampa Bay: Losing Crawford and Pena have hurt this offense.
Houston Astros: Can’t believe they won a game so soon. Seriously.
Washington Nationals: From what I hear, Bryce Harper will be ready soon.

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  1. bradthedesigner
    April 12, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    I hear ya…but what about tiger?…………?…

    • Jeff W
      April 12, 2011 at 10:20 pm

      haha. Tiger was AWESOME! did you watch the Masters?

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