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It’s Maddening!

This is YOUR home for everything March Madness. While I realize that like 10 people might read this, I am still going to go all out. Here are my picks to win, games to watch, and upsets galore.

Opening Rounds Games to Watch:
Well honestly, almost all of the games are worth watching, but here are a few that I will be into:

(7) Texas A&M vs (10) Florida State– The “7/10 games” are usually pretty competitive year in and year out. Last year, three of the four 10 seeds won, and Florida almost knocked off BYU in a 99-92 shootout. I have felt that the Aggies have been overrated all year, and Florida State is as inconsistent as they come. Look for a competitive game going down to the wire. Editing this because of the news about Chris Singleton. He is the heart and soul of Florida State. Without him, Aggies pull out the squeaker.

(5) Kansas State vs. (12) Utah State– Ohh the ol “12 over a 5” should be alive and well in this one. Kansas State was a pre-season top five team, but struggled to get things going in conference play, and became an unknown. Utah State received some media love showing up in the top 25 a few times during the season, but playing in the WAC didn’t help their cause. Utah State is lead by three upperclassmen and great guard play which will help against the Wildcats. If Jacob Pullen gets on a hot streak for K-State, it could be a long day for the Aggies. If he struggles, look for Utah State to pull the upset.

(4) Wisconsin vs. (13) Belmont– I must admit, I have a soft spot for Belmont. I almost attended there after high school and have been back to visit many times. Not only is it a top notch school, their basketball team is really really good. Just three years ago, Belmont took number two seed Duke to the limit losing 71-70. This Belmont team is better than the 2008 version. The Bruins love to shoot the three, and can make you pay down low. Wisconsin is always a physical team, but Belmont will be able to body up against them. Watch for the Bruins to shock their Big 10 opponent. My inside sources at Mercer University tell me that this Belmont team is for real.

(7) Temple vs. Penn State (10)– If you like “ugly” basketball, this will be your game to watch. If the fast paced, score on every possession game is too much for you, tune into this one. Temple has shown some spurts this year putting up over 70 pts a few times, but Penn State has finished with final scores of 36 and 39 points respectively. For me, this game actually has NO watchability and I have no idea why I put this here. Give me Temple, 54-48.

Upset Picks of the Tourney
First Round:
(12) Utah State over (5) Kansas State (see above)
(12) Richmond over (5) Vanderbilt
(9) Old Dominion over (8) Butler
(9) Tennessee over (8) Michigan

Second Round (going off of my picks):
(7) Washington over (2) North Carolina
(12) Utah State over (4) Wisconsin

Third Round (going off of my picks):
(3) BYU over (2) Florida
(4) Louisville over (1) Kansas
(3) Uconn over (2) San Diego State
(7) Washington over (3) Syracuse
(4) Texas over (1) Duke

Fourth Round (going off of my picks):
(4) Texas over (3) Uconn

Final Four Picks:
Now I realize that since I am a Texas “fan” I will get accused of being a homer, but I think Texas has a good draw. Tough match ups with Oakland and perhaps Arizona to start, but those are winnable games. Texas has major talent, just got to put it together.

Ohio State vs. Texas
Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh

Champion Pick: Ohio State

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