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NCAA Basketball Awesome Rankings #3.

It has been awhile since our last post. One, I have been REALLY lazy, unprepared and just plain uninterested. Yes, I said it. I am glad I waited though on the Awesome Rankings, this past weekend was a train wreck for the top 4 teams in the polls. I will try to sort things out. Remember though, these are the teams that I think are “awesome”, and have the best shot at winning against the OTHER teams out there. So here we go:

1. Duke Blue Devils (25-2): I will admit, I was hesitant to put them at #1, but with all the turmoil at the top, there has to be someone new. After getting punched in the face by St. Johns, the Dukies have won their last six games by and average of 14 points. Four remaining regular season games including Temple and North Carolina.

2. Texas Longhorns (23-4): Coming off a nasty loss to middle of the pack Big 12 team Nebraska, the Longhorns are still a favorite to be a top seed in the tourney. When the Longhorns have played bad, they have lost (USC and Nebraska). Jordan Hamilton and Tristan Thompson are quite the dynamic duo who need to play well for the Longhorns to win. I like those odds.

3. Kansas Jayhawks (25-2): About even with the Longhorns, but they lost the head to head. That goes a long way. We will see if the Jayhawks finish the season strong. Texas A&M and Missouri are still on the regular season schedule.

4. BYU Cougars (25-2): Jimmer Fredette and the boys from Provo continue to win. Following the loss to New Mexico, the Cougars have won their past five games by an average of 19 points. When you have a dynamic scorer with a good supporting cast, you are always a tough team to beat.

5. San Diego State Aztecs (27-1): The Aztecs have a chance to get some revenge on BYU this week, but for now, they will have to be happy with a top five Awesome Ranking. The Aztecs defense has been great this season, only giving up more than 60 points in 3 of their last 15 games.

6. Ohio State Buckeyes (25-2): The darlings of the Awesome Rankings in the first two installments have not fared well this past week. Two losses sandwiched a “so so” win over Michigan State. A sure #1 seed has now become a bit wobbly. One more shot at Wisconsin to end the regular season.

7. Pittsburgh Panthers (24-3): Another victim to Steve Lavin’s St Johns team. A fairly easy end to the end of their regular season, not counting Villanova. Definitely could see this team making a deep run in March.

8. Wisconsin Badgers (20-6): Knocked off #1 Ohio State a little more than a week ago, then followed that up with a loss to Purdue. Don’t forget though, they did knock off Purdue earlier in the year. This team is always a tough out.

9. Arizona Wildcats (23-4): Finally a team from the Pac 10! Don’t look now, but the Wildcats are actually having a pretty good season. Just off that exciting in over Washington, the Wildcats don’t have many bad losses this year. Perhaps Oregon State, but the other losses are to Washington, BYU and Kansas. Not bad.

10. Purdue Boilermakers (22-5): Back to back wins over top 10 teams, Wisconsin and Ohio State help this ranking out a lot and look really really good. Purdue is always tough, could make a run in the Big 10 tourney.

Just Missed: Georgetown, UCONN, Notre Dame

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