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NCAA Basketball time…Right?

I guess I can FINALLY focus on some basketball now, seeing as how there is ONE NFL game left. I am not counting the Pro Bowl, which I am surprised they still play. I think the last time I actually watched I saw Warren Moon throwing a TD pass to Marv Cook or something. Here is the FIRST installment of the JWSB NCAA Basketball Awesome Rankings:

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (20-0): The ONLY undefeated left in the top 25 polls from one of the BIG conferences. Yes, I know San Diego State is still without a loss, but I am just going with the BCS conferences here. Anyway, frosh Jared Sullinger has been a double-double machine and has injected this talented Buckeye team.

2. Pitt Panthers (19-2): I have not really done much college basketball stuff in the past, but if I did, i would have said something like: “Pitt is ALWAYS ranked high and doesn’t do anything with it”. That is pretty much true, and this team is no different. Make another Final Four, then we will talk.

3. Duke Blue Devils (18-1): Aaaaahhhh America’s favorite team, Duke. After winning it all last year, Duke is trying to work out fitting in the new players they added via recruiting. They just always seem to be somewhere near the top. Eye opening loss to Florida State has Duke ready for the next time.

4. Kansas Jayhawks (18-1): Surprising and humbling loss to Texas last weekend. This Kansas team is good, but it was punched in the mouth by the Longhorns and did not respond well. Probably still the favorite to win the Big 12 though.

5. UCONN Huskies (16-2): One of the top teams in the nation’s best conference will put you near the top of any poll. Uconn is lead by the nation’s 2nd leading scorer, Kemba Walker. Walker has already won a few games on his own. This team will be dangerous come tourney time.

6. Texas Longhorns (16-3): I know Texas beat Kansas, but they do have a really really bad loss to USC on their record. The loss to Uconn was close, but that doesn’t really count. Freshman Tristan Thompson is working on All American honors while super Soph Jordan Hamilton continues to make surprising improvements. Another VERY dangerous tourney team.

7. Villanova Wildcats (17-2): Just came off an impressive win over Syracuse. Will be near the top of the Big East throughout the rest of the season.

8. Syracuse Orangemen (18-2): After starting with 18 wins in a row, the Big East schedule has proven to be a tough road. 2 losses in a row, to JWSB’s #7 and #2 teams, the Orangemen are still a very good team. Boeheim will have this team ready for the rest of the schedule.

9. San Diego State Aztecs (20-0): This sounds like football. Smaller conference school that is getting no respect. Well, they have only beaten ONE ranked team, but the big test will be on the 26th against BYU and the nations leading scorer JIMMER. Win this one, then you COULD move up. Lose, and well, drop out.

10. BYU Cougars (19-1): I know, there are a lot of other teams we could put here, but any team with Jimmer Fredette is a team that I like. If you haven’t watched him play, you need too. “They aren’t long shots, they are open shots”. Nice quote.

Just Missed the Magical Top Ten: Missouri; Purdue; Kentucky

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