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It’s all over.

The NCAA football season is over. It’s never an easy time of year for a guy like me. Sure, we still have the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl to look forward too, but there is still a little piece of my heart that is missing. After last nights BCS Title Game, Auburn has finished the season as the national champ. Here are some quick hits on the season that was:

*I have no problem with Auburn winning the title game and claiming the national title, but don’t you think TCU has SOME claim to it? Why not have one more game?

*The field in the title game was AWFUL. Lot’s of talk of “field gate”. I will say this, Oregon looked awfully awfully slow in the game last night. Maybe it was the field, or maybe it was Auburn.

*Cam Newton was such a strange story this year. We haven’t heard the end of it, but he was a joy to watch. Funny thing, if you use Auburn on Xbox 360, he isn’t even listed as their starter. (I did not check this, so I could be wrong. His “numbers” aren’t that great on their anyway)

*To me, the Texas Longhorns were the biggest disappointment of the season. Garrett Gilbert had a horrible season and Mack Brown made his staff pay. After only 5 wins, the Horns have a new coaching staff in place and it is a young one. This team could go from 5 wins to BCS game in one year. Depends on the QB position.

*Coaching changes aren’t only happening at Texas, but all over. This BIG question right now is “what will Les Miles do?” All indications are that if he is offered the Michigan job, he will take it. We will see. Also, I was going to let Coach Haywood write this article, but right when I hired him to do it, he punched someone. I had to let him go.

*Will the SEC conference have another BCS champ next year? Hmm, depends. Cam Newton is going to leave for the NFL, so Auburn is out. Alabama will lose a lot of skill players, and probably won’t win their division. LSU and Florida intrigue me though. There is always a chance.

*Who will win the 2011 Heisman? Well, I picked Terrell Pryor to win it this year, and I was way off. He wasn’t horrible, but he also wasn’t in New York. I guess the top picks would be: Andrew Luck (Stanford); Lamichael James (Oregon); Marcus Lattimore (South Carolina); Kellen Moore (Boise State)

*Is it too early to think about next year? No. Never. Here are my VERY early and almost embarrassing top 5 pre-season picks for 2011 (subject to change): 1. Oregon 2. Oklahoma 3. Stanford 4. LSU 5. Boise State

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