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I am a fan of post game meltdowns. I am. I am pretty sure the “Jim Mora one” is my fave, but there are more. Here are, what I think, are the top melt downs of all time (and yes, it’s been done before):

**Warning, language…maybe not be safe for work”

10. Derek Anderson– It’s the “new” one, but it is still pretty good. Derek Anderson probably laughed during Schindler’s List.

9. Allen Iverson– I THINK he’s talking about practice, not really sure.

8. Terrell Owens– I actually liked when T.O. did this. He liked Tony, but the “thats my QB” line is GREAT for impersonating.

7. Herm Edwards– What do you play to do? I BLOG TO WRITE THINGS THAT I THINK ARE FUNNY.

6. Bobby Knight– There are a lot of Bobby Knight sound bites, but this one shows his true “smarty pants” attitude. Hah.

5. Hal Mcrae– I think anyone who manages the Royals will flip out, but this dude just gets physical. WATCH OUT! Is he wearing long johns?

4. Dennis Green– One of the “new classics”. If you saw this game, and you coached the Cards, you would react like this too.

3. Kevin Borseth– Oh man, definitely the best entrance ever. Maybe he is just really frustrated because he is coaching a women’s basketball team…wait what?

2. Mike Gundy– You all know it, but I think we all miss his first words. “brought to me, by a mother…of children”. Classic.

1. Jim Mora– I will start off by saying this, DO NOT BLAME ME IF THIS BLOG SUCKS. I will randomly think about this guy and just laugh. His post game interviews were great. I couldn’t pick just one, so here are two from Mora.

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