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NFL Awesome Rankings: #8

A defining week in the NFL, and the NFC teams are really waking up.

1. New England Patriots (8-2) (#1 last week): In the game of the week, the Patriots beat their rival and last week’s #9 team the Colts. Brady is one of the front runners for MVP, and the young defense continues to play aggressive.

2. Atlanta Falcons (8-2) (#2 last week): Even though the Jets have a better records, the Falcons are playing great football right now. Roddy White has been the best receiver in the league.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (7-3) (#4 last week): Michael Vick has been the story of the year in the NFL. The offensive weapons on this team are 2nd to none.

4. New York Jets (8-2) (#3 last week): A win is a win, but the past 3 weeks have been a little to close for comfort. Mark Sanchez has been wonderful lately. The defense? Needs to tighten it up.

5. Baltimore Ravens (7-3) (#5 last week): Ho hum, nothing to see here. The Ravens seem to be under the radar compared to other big name teams, but they can really play. Dominated Carolina last week.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) (#6 last week): Won an impressive game against the tough Oakland Raiders. My favorite part of the game was the Seymour slap of Big Ben. Roethlisberger hit the ground like a 8 yr old kid, not a 6’6″ 265 lb man. Very “soccer” of him.

7. Green Bay Packers (7-3) (#8 last week): Rodgers and the boys just destroyed the Vikings and Brett Favre. Oh, they also got Brad Childress fired. Nice Job! To me, this team has the most potential to really move up. Great defense, great offense. Look out.

8. San Diego Chargers (5-5) (not ranked last week): Yes I am aware of their record, but this team is coming around at the right time. Does that sound familiar? Philip Rivers MIGHT be the best QB in the league right now. Wait what?

9. New Orleans Saints (7-3) (#10 last week): I am not a fan of the Saints this year, but they still sit in the top 10 in the rankings. Maybe they are laying low?

10. Indianapolis Colts (6-4) (#9 last week): Peyton Manning still plays for this team, but you get the feeling things are changing around there. Not the elite team they used to be.

Just Missed the Cut: New York Giants; Chicago Bears; Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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