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NFL Awesome Rankings #7

Another great week in the NFL. I think Mike Vick just scored ANOTHER TD against the Redskins. Of course, the JW Sports Blog Jinx kicked in, with the top 3 teams all losing last week. Here are this weeks rankings (I am taking money if you want me to rank your least favorite team #1, you know, the jinx and all):

1. New England Patriots (7-2) (#6 last week): HUGE win against last week’s #2 ranked team. While this choice was hard, it is hard to argue against Tom Brady and the way he makes his offense better. This defense is young and agressive too.

2. Atlanta Falcons (7-2) (#7 last week): Unbelievable win on Thursday night against last weeks #3 ranked team. The Falcons continue their dominance at home with “Matty Ice” leading the way. The defense still has questions, but the offense is one of the leagues best.

3. New York Jets (7-2) (#4 last week): JUST outlasted a gritty Cleveland Browns team last week. Mark Sanchez played well, and the Jets D is always a strong point.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (6-3) (#9 last week): Amazing what a dominating win can do for you. Mike Vick looked like, well, a really good version of Mike Vick. If he continues to play this well, the Eagles could be a NFC favorite. If he stays consistent, they are definitely a playoff team.

5. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) (#3 last week): Not a horrible thing to lose on the road against a great Atlanta team, but elite teams find ways to win. Still, this team and it’s top 5 ranking are right where they want to be. Easily a playoff team, how far can they go?

6. PIttsburgh Steelers (6-3) (#2 last week): Got dominated last week by the Patriots. While the deficit was only 13 points, it looked a lot worse than that. You don’t expect the Steelers D to struggle every week, so watch for a convincing bounce back win this week against a good Oakland team.

7. New York Giants (6-3) (#1 last week): When you are #1, the expectations are always high. A home game against a bad Cowboys should be a win, instead, the Giants were embarrassed by a one win team. While Eli Manning made some big mistakes, the defense was shredded by the passing game. Things don’t get easier with #4 Philly up next.

8. Green Bay Packers (6-3) (#5 last week): Had a bye last week, but still a top 10 team. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the ailing Pack got a week off to get better, which will help against the physical Minnesota Vikings this weekend.

9. Indianapolis Colts (6-3) (not ranked last week): It wasn’t pretty, but the Colts managed to pull out a win against the Bengals. One of the best rivalries in football is renewed this weekend in New England as the Colts take on the # 1 Patriots.

10. New Orleans Saints (6-3) (not ranked last week): Will getting Reggie Bush help this team out?

Just Missed the Cut: Oakland Raiders; Tampa Bay Buccaneers; San Diego Chargers

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