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The Backups.

As a Cowboy follower, it has been rather frustrating watching Jon Kitna lead the offense the past few Sundays. In the preseason, we heard Jerry Jones tell us he was “the best backup QB in the league”. Well, I am not sure if Jerrah has been watching any games this season, but there are teams with some very good back up QB’s, here are the top 5 (based on Week 10 depth chart):

10. Sage Rosenfels, New York Giants– Remember when this guy was traded to the Vikings as the potential starter? Uh yeah, that seemed like forever ago. Right after that trade from Houston he went from potential #1 guy to 3rd string in a heartbeat.

9. Byron Leftwich, Pittsburgh Steelers– It seems like forever ago that Leftwich was the starter in Jacksonville. A few injuries and bad relationship with Jack Del Rio later, Leftwich is in a pretty good position with the Steelers. Just wait for Roethlisberger to do something stupid again, and you’re the starter.

8. Max Hall, Arizona Cardinals– This guy will probably be the starter again soon, but for now he is one of the best young back up QB’s in the league. If Derek Anderson starts making mistakes (bound to happen), Hall will finish out the season as the starter.

7. Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins– This guy is new to the list. It may not last long, but Dolphin coach Tony Sporano has moved Chad Pennington to the starter role and moved Henne to the backup. If Pennington reels off a few wins in a row, Henne could be the backup for the rest of the season.

6. Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers– The former #1 overall pick, Smith has had an up and down (mostly down) NFL career. As of now, Troy Smith is the start in San Fran and Smith is the injured backup. Smith’s time as the starter in San Fran could be winding down.

5. Seneca Wallace, Cleveland Browns– Pretty much a career backup, Wallace is part of a 3 headed kind of scary monster with Delhomme and rookie starter Colt McCoy. While never really given the #1 job outright, Wallace has a 25-14 TD to interception ratio, 3,547 yards passing and a 83.1 career QB rating.

4. Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota Vikings– I have felt sorry for this guy for the past few years. Brett Favre has gone back and forth on playing or not playing, come back, played unbelievable, been injured, and payed poorly. All the while, Jackson has been the #2 guy. Don’t forget, Jackson lead the Vikings to the playoffs the year before Favre came on board, although it was after he lost his starting job to Gus Frerotte. Given the chance, Jackson will be this teams #1 guy.

3. Shaun Hill, Detroit Lions– Even though Hill got to show some of his talents while in San Francisco, he really flourished this season with the Lions before he went down with an injury. Filling in for the oft injured Matt Stafford, Hill has passed for 9 td’s and over 1300 yards this season. Even though he is listed as the starter this week, Hill is the backup to Stafford….in case you were wondering.

2. Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia Eagles– For now, he is one of the best young backup QB’s in the league, not a starter. That could change next season when Michael Vick explores free agency, but for now, Kolb will do what he can on the bench.

1. Kerry Collins, Tennessee Titans– Since Vince Young arrived in Tennessee, he and Kerry Collins have battled for the #1 QB position. Whoever won out, it left the 2nd place finisher with one distinct title, best backup in the league. For now, even though he will start this week, Collins is the best backup QB in the league. Vince Young has played very well this year, but Collins has been able to fill in nicely when Young is injured, including coming in for VY when he struggled against Pittsburgh. I will just say this, the Cowboys would be VERY happy if Collins was starting for them this week.

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  1. Nate
    November 13, 2010 at 9:40 am

    I am thinking Charlie Batch (Pit) might be a better choice for this list than Sage Rosenfelds, I know you have Leftwitch listed, but Batch has been pretty good in his career as backup. Don’t forget as well Jason Campbell is backup now out in Oakland

    • Jeff W
      November 13, 2010 at 10:05 am

      Cable said Jason Campbell is probably going to be the starter next week after the Bye. I see your point on Batch, Leftwich could have been easily left off.

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