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NFL Awesome Rankings #6.

Hmm, it almost seems like I should do this once a month. SO many changes every weekend. Last week’s #1 team got DOMINATED by the Browns and rookie QB Colt McCoy. Interesting. As the season progresses, we will see who is worthy of a top 10 ranking, but for now, let the craziness continue. The NFC had a very good week, which will be reflected here. Oh, and remember, this is a list of the teams that are good/top10/awesome at this VERY moment. I think very few people would want to face the Oakland Raiders right now…so…here we go.

1. New York Giants (6-2) (#6 last week): What a week for the NFC, in particularly the Giants. After dominating the Cowboys and a bye week, the Giants went to Seattle (hard place to play) and absolutely took it to the Seahawks. This defense is stout, and Eli Manning/Ahmad Bradshaw lead a good offense.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) (#3 last week): Last night’s game was a little close, but the Bengals are a scrappy bunch. Everyone knows about the Steelers defense, but the offense has weapons too, including big play man Mike Wallace.

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2) (#2 last week): Good win over a very tough and competitive Miami squad. I hope I don’t get spit on by Le’ron McClain for dropping them after last week.

4. New York Jets (6-2) (#4 last week): Barely held on to beat a fun Detroit team this past weekend. While a win is a win, I am sure the Jets were wanting to a more dominating win. Luckily for them, Detroit made some questionable play calls to run out the clock near the end of the game. But still, this Jets team is good.

5. Green Bay Packers (5-3) (#9 last week): Like I said, a list of teams you don’t want to play right now. Of course, they just beat the Cowboys, who apparently are the WORST team in the league. Aaron Rodgers was on fire, and the defense lead by Clay Matthews is scary. When this team gets healthy, they could be really good.

6. New England Patriots (6-2) (#1 last week): Big drop from last week, which is justified after a crappy loss to the Browns. Of course, the Browns are competitive, but Tom Brady vs. a rookie QB should go in the Pats favor, it didn’t. It doesn’t get any easier this weekend, the #2 Steelers are up next.

7. Atlanta Falcons (6-2) (#7 last week): This team can be scary good. Matt Ryan is one of the best young QB’s in the league, and they don’t lose at home. Good win over a very underrated Tampa Bay team.

8. Oakland Raiders (5-4) (#10 last week): HUGE win over division rival Kansas City last weekend. The Raiders are playing with swagger and look like a team that could win that division. Should be a fun team to keep an eye on, especially after this weeks bye week. Question is, who will the QB be?

9. Philadelphia Eagles (5-3) (not ranked): Now that their QB is back (strange huh?) the Eagles are a scary scary team. Mike Vick is playing like, well, like he hasn’t played before. Desean Jackson seems to be ok after the vicious hit he took, and the defense is playing well enough to stop Peyton Manning (they did last week anyway).

10. Tennessee Titans (5-3) (not ranked): Will the addition of Randy Moss be enough to vault the Titans into the AFC elite? Hmm, maybe, but the defense is what makes this team special. Oh yeah, don’t forget Chris Johnson and Vince Young and their playmaking abilities.

Sorry guys, you JUST missed it:
New Orleans Saints: Wow, I almost coin flipped between them and the Titans. One more week, we’ll see.
Indianapolis Colts: Yeah, no Peyton Manning team on the list. Wow. They are “10b/c”
San Diego Chargers: Yeah, Philip Rivers is good even with WR’s from the local flag football league.

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  1. Nathan
    November 9, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    No Cowboys? With Big Ginger leading this team the Cowboys are sure to lose by less than 4 touchdowns.

    • Jeff W
      November 9, 2010 at 11:25 pm

      Man, the Cowboys. I don’t even know what to say. The NEED a new GM. I think that would help TREMENDOUSLY!

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