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NFL Awesome Rankings #3

Unbelievable weekend for the NFL. While most people were focusing on the devastating hits that took place, there was still games being played. Sidenote: Just let the players play without helmets. They will not use their heads as weapons anymore. Just sayin. Here is the 3rd installment of the NFL Awesome Rankings. Notice any changes?

1. New York Jets (5-1) No change at the top this week. The Jets are the only 5 win team in the league, and showed that they could win ugly. Thats the difference between a good and bad team.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) Big Ben is back. While he was not perfect in his return, he was really good. The Steelers can now focus on obtaining the top spot in the league.

3. New England Patriots (4-1) Just coming off a win against Baltimore, the Pats showed that life without Randy Moss just might be ok. Danny Woodhead is someone most people haven’t heard of, but he will continue to get more playing time.

4. Baltimore Ravens (4-2) The loss to the Patriots hurts, but the Ravens are still a playoff team.

5. Indianapolis Colts (4-2) Peyton Manning is still playing, that is all that matters. While these Colts are not as good as last years team, they will still make some noise in the AFC.

6. New York Giants (4-2) Different Manning, same record. The Giants defense continues to look good. Big test this week against the 1-4 Cowboys.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) Who will start? This week it looks like Kolb, but Vick should be ready to go if Kolb should slip up. Will miss Desean Jackson, but Jeremy Maclin and Co. will pick up the slack.

8. Tennessee Titans (4-2) Dominating win over the Jags, but losing Vince Young hurts. Kerry Collins is a great backup, and don’t forget Chris Johnson.

9. New Orleans Saints (4-2) The offense is starting to come around, but the lack of a running game has to worry. Being in a “weak” division will help.

10. Atlanta Falcons (4-2) Last week’s top ranked NFC team, the Falcons are coming off a big loss to the Eagles. It will take a few more wins for me to believe the hype again.

Almost in the Top 10:
Houston Texans– Just not impressed with this defense.
Miami Dolphins– Tough team, need to string together some wins
Green Bay Packers- Devastated by injury. Time for Rodgers to lead this team.

Jury Is Still Out:
Seattle Seahawks– Young team in a bad division.
Kansas City Chiefs– Young team in a bad division. Heh.
Chicago Bears– The offense is questionable.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Young team in a bad division part 3.

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