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2010 JWSB NFL Awesome Rankings: #1

I have had a lot of feedback (ok, not really…) about ONLY covering NCAA football this time of year. Well, let’s be honest, I only update this blog once a week and college football is something that I like. It happens. I started these “Power” (we will use Awesome) rankings last year and had fun doing it, mainly because every time I put a team at #1 they would OF COURSE lose the very next weekend. I have a gift. Anyway, here are my top NFL teams for this first edition:

1. Baltimore Ravens– Wha wha whhhhaaaaat? Yeah that’s right, as of right now they are THE best team in the NFL. They just got done beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Joe Flacco continues to grow. The defense? Still good.

2. New York Jets– I don’t really like putting them here, but they have looked good since their Week 1 loss to (you guessed it) the Baltimore Ravens. Mark Sanchez seems to be a great pick for them so far.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers– Even after their loss last week, the Steelers are still a top notch team. Don’t forget, Ben Roethlisberger returns next week. Pittsburgh has gone 3-1 with Charlie Batch handling most of the snaps, imagine what they can do with Big Ben.

4. Atlanta Falcons– The first NFC team on the list. The Falcons turned everyone’s heads with the big win over the Saints. The offense is playing well and the defense to make big plays when needed. Their only loss is to Pittsburgh in Week 1.

5. Kansas City Chiefs– The ONLY undefeated team left in the NFL. Watch out Mercury Morris. The Chiefs have looked impressive with a nucleus of young talent, but need better play from QB Matt Cassell. The defense is opportunistic and the special teams are, well, special. Even though they are ranked at #5 now, would not surprise me to see this team finish at 7-9 or even worse.

Almost made it:
New England Patriots– I know Moss is getting old, but his trade really surprised me. Will it effect this offense?
Green Bay Packers– they have NO running game, which could hurt them later in the year.
Houston Texans– Schaub has been throwing less, but Arian Foster has been a complete stud.
Indianapolis Colts– Peyton Manning.

Could Be Moving Up VERY Soon:
Dallas Cowboys– only 1 win, but they could easily reel off multiple wins in a row.
San Diego Chargers– #1 offense, #1 defense so far in the NFL. That has to count for something.
Tennessee Titans– VY is playing well, so is their defense.
Chicago Bears– Thought their good start was a surprise, Giants exposed some major weaknesses.
Minnesota Vikings– Randy Moss will make Brett Favre feel 51 again.
Miami Dolphins– Horrible loss to Pats.

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