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August Quick Hits.

I was going to write this blog earlier, but I was too busy rejecting trades to non-contenders. Some people would call this a “slow time in sports”, but there are plenty of things to keep us busy. Here are some things on my mind lately:

*Albert Haynesworth- This is a funny story. There are HUNDREDS of sports reporters out there showing that they can pass the NFL fitness test. Granted, I would probably not pass it (not gonna try), but Haynesworth is one of the highest paid players in the league, GET IN SHAPE.

*MLB Trade Deadline- The Yankees went ahead and tried to fill out the rest of their video game roster. They added Lance Berkman (sorry Astros fans, I know this hurts), Kerry Wood, and Austin Kearns. They are still the favorite to win it all, IF they can hold off the Rays in the East. The Texas Rangers made a move a few days before the deadline, adding Cliff Lee to the top of their rotation. Even though he has only 1 win (2 losses), he has changed the demeanor of the Rangers staff. Oh, and don’t forget the Rangers have not really given him ANY run support. Roy Oswalt to the Phillies was big as well, who do the Astros have left??

*Fantasy Football 2010- It is soon approaching. I was in 2 leagues last year, came in 3rd in one and won the championship in another. I am looking to win back to back championships and already have the players in mind that I want, including a rookie (or two). (My secret will not be revealed until draft time)

*ESPN Sportscenter (Live)- I like Hannah Storm WAY better than Sage Steele in the morning. Just sayin.

*My Pre-Season College Football Top 5- 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Boise State 4. Texas 5. Iowa (Changed from my first list)

*NFL Football- I know it is ONLY the first pre-season game, but the Cowboys take on the Bengals next Sunday night. At this point I am so ready for football, I would watch the Bengals mascot play the Cowboys mascot in Madden 11 on Xbox.

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