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This post is a little harder to type with a broken finger, but i do it for the fans. All 4 of you..hi mom.

The Group Stage of the 2010 World Cup is through, and we move on to the knock out stage. Of course there are a few surprises, how many of you saw Italy and France not making it to this round? France had questions coming in, but Italy was defending their 06 title. Of the 16 teams, I correctly predicted 11. Ouch. Either I am a horrible prognosticator or there were some good surprises..I will go with the latter. Lets look at the matchups:

Uruguay vs. South Korea: Uruguay made it out of a tough Group A while South Korea is a surprise to many out of Group B. Look for Uruguay to win another close match.

United States vs. Ghana: Soccer fans remember the last time these 2 teams met. Ghana knocked the US out of the 06 Cup after a controversial penalty and some lackluster play. Look for the US to avenge that loss and move on to Uruguay.

Germany vs England: England is looking to do something positive this tournament. Simply qualifying for the knockout round is not enough for them. Germany is the favorite in this match and will send the Brits home early again.

Argentina vs. Mexico: An interesting matchup. While I don’t like to give Mexico TOO much credit, they have a fun and talented team. Argentina is a favorite to win the whole thing, but watchout for Tri-Colores. Look for this one to be closer than you think, with Argentina getting through again.

Netherlands vs Slovakia: Slovakia took advantage of poor group play and got into the knockout stage with a win over Italy. Things only get tougher as they face The Netherlands, probably the most impressive team so far in the 10 Cup.

Brazil vs Chile: My pick to win it all Brazil is coming off a sloppy performance against Portugal. They welcome back Kaka would should help them continue their recent dominance over Chile. Watchout for a tough match though, it won’t be an easy one this time around. Brazil moves on.

Paraguay vs Japan: Paraguay was a team I felt would get into this round in a tough group, and they did. Japan is full of great athletes who can put a lot of pressure on you. Look for a high scoring match, with Japan coming out on top.

Spain vs Portugal: Another great 2nd round matchup. These two teams are bitter rivals and will show you that desire to win in this match. Spain is the favorite, but Portugal will push the Spaniards to the end. Potential upset here.

Now that you know the final 16, who do you like to win it all?

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