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American Hero.

More people than normal seemed to be interested in today’s Algeria vs. United States. Perhaps there are more US Soccer fans than I knew about (probably not). Maybe it was the fact that this match was HUGE and everyone knew it. It had the makings of a classic story. Win and you move on to the round of 16. Lose, and you probably don’t. For most of the match it looked as though we were going to have a 4-3 thriller or something like that. A match to please the “so so” fan and the diehard alike. Well, it turned out to be a little different. While the excitement of the match was SKY HIGH, there was only one goal scored. Landon Donovan, the US all time leader in goals scored put back a deflected shot in the 91st minute. There have been numerous matches that were described as the “biggest match ever in US history”. 2009 vs. Spain. 2009 vs. Brazil. 2010 World Cup opener vs. England. 1994 World Cup against Columbia. 2002 World Cup match against Germany. While this match against Algeria didn’t win a World Cup, or a Gold Medal, or a trophy of any kind, it vaulted the US into the top spot in their group, something that hasn’t happened in 80 years. It also vaulted Landon Donovan into another realm, LEGEND.

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