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Major League Baseball 2010.

The Major League Baseball season is upon us, and here are my picks to win it all.

National League East:
1. Philadelphia Phillies– could in division by double digits.
2. Atlanta Braves– Wagner in pen, Heyward making big splash.
3. Florida Marlins– Ramirez is a stud, pitching staff is a question mark.
4. New York Mets– Most disappointing team this year? Will Santana stay healthy? Don’t bet on it.
5. Washington Nationals– Strasbourg, Strasbourg, Strasbourg. When will he make the debut?

National League Central:
1. St. Louis Cardinals– Pujols will once again threaten for the triple crown.
2. Milwaukee Brewers– Braun and Fielder will hit a lot of homeruns. Can the pitching staff keep up?
3. Chicago Cubs– Will they EVER win another World Series? Not this year.
4. Cincinnati Reds– Fun young team, still not enough to threaten top dogs.
5. Houston Astros– Remember when they played in the World Series a few years ago? Me neither.
6. Pittsburgh Pirates– Man, could it get any worse? Quick, name 5 Pirates players….

National League West:
1. Colorado Rockies– Very underrated team. Could be surprise World Series team.
2. L.A. Dodgers– Could challenge Rockies for top spot in West. Good young squad, with Manny.
3. San Francisco Giants– Lincecum is fun to watch, their offense..not so much.
4. Arizona Diamondbacks– Young team, forgotten in the desert. Hopefully Webb can get healthy.
5. San Diego Padres– Not much offense..come to think, no much pitching either.

American League East:
1. Boston Red Sox– surprise pick? Maybe, but I think they get it done this year.
2. New York Yankees– Last year’s champs try again. It will come down to the wire between the Yanks and Sox.
3. Tampa Bay Rays– fun young team, might make a push towards the Wild Card.
4. Baltimore Orioles– Wieters is a fine young talent, but not much else is going on in Maryland.
5. Toronto Bluejays– Adam Lind was a breakout star, but Jays will need tons of pitching help. No more Halladay.

American League Central:
1. Detroit Tigers– Pitching staff is solid, can the offense come around?
2. Minnesota Twins– Loss of Nathan hurts, but Twins always find a way to compete.
3. Chicago White Sox– Interesting team, could challenge Twins for 2nd.
4. Cleveland Indians– Young team, give them a few years.
5. Kansas City Royals– Best AAA team in the majors. Greinke is lone bright spot, maybe Billy Butler.

American League West:
1. Texas Rangers– call me crazy or a homer, but these guys are due. Harden helps pitching, lineup is set.
2. Anaheim Angels– Favorite to win the West, injuries may slow them down.
3. Seattle Mariners– M’s made a lot of moves this offseason. Can Ichiro keep it going? This will be a close race.
4. Oakland A’s– Scrappy team that doesn’t have the talent. Will win some series they shouldn’t.

National League Playoffs: Phillies, Cardinals, Rockies, Dodgers
American League Playoffs: Red Sox, Tigers, Rangers, Yankees

World Series: Rockies vs. Yankees (Yankees in 6 games)

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