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Olympics…and more to come.

The Olympics are over, and I am not too sure what to do with myself. There was nothing better than watching some Curling or checking out Women’s Bobsledding when nothing else was on t.v. Let me rephrase that, watching the Olympics was one of my main t.v. priorities these past 2 weeks.

I will never forget the excitement and electricity that you could feel through the television as the United States hockey team beat the heavily favored Canadians in group play. What a night for hockey and for the country. Better yet, the Gold Medal hockey game was an epic match won in OT by the talented Canadians.

While I may not remember where I was Evan Lysacek won figure skating Gold, I will remember the joy and excitement he had while finishing his routine. One of the best stories of these Olympics was Joannie Rochette, the figure skater who lost her mother just days before performing in the Olympics. The entire World was watching when she took to the ice to not only represent her country, but to skate for the memory of her mother.

Shaun White is one of the most recognizable athletes of the Winter Games, and he backed up his well deserved stardom with an epic performance in the half pipe that we may never see again.

While I will miss the pageantry and excitement that come with the Olympic games, we only have 100 more days until another “4 Year Event” takes lead role on the World Stage, the World Cup. If you like watching the best athletes from all over the world coming together to win a prize, this one might be the best.

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