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“Things” about the Super Bowl.

Ok, so the Super Bowl has come and gone, marking the end of the football season. That is something that does not sit well with me. Sure, I LOVE baseball and all its splendor, but that will all end once football starts again. Anyway, here are some of the things I liked and disliked about the Super Bowl:

-The Game. (Liked): Well, I only gave myself two options here, but most of the game was pretty boring to me. I had more fun with the company I was in.

-The Commericals. (Disliked): Sure, i am one of “those guys” who actually wants to see what cool commercials are going to happen. Well, most of them were pretty dumb. Give me the Bud Bowl any day of the week. I liked the Google commercial as well as some local one for a lawyers office “and you have no idea how much this 4 seconds cost me” guy.

-The Who. (Disliked): well, thats not fair, I actually didn’t hear or see one second of the halftime show. What do they sing again?

-The Pregame. (Disliked): Seriously, why in the hell did they have a 20 min interview with Barack Obama? Did they do the same thing with Bush? I hope not. That was dumb. Also, I can only hear “Peyton Manning is the smartest QB to EVER play the game” so many times. There is NO NEED for a 5 hour pre-game show.

-The Food. (Liked): Ok, we went to a friends house to hang out with about 15 others and watch the game. We each brought a “finger food”. Meaning we brought QUESO dip. That was enough for me. Anytime there is QUESO I am good to go. The other stuff was good too!

-Jim Nantz (Liked): He is the best.

-Phil Simms (Disliked): Uh, Troy Aikman is the better former qb now turned announcer.

All in all, it was a good day to be alive. The Saints won, which I actually picked (see previous post). I had no team to actually root for, which sometimes makes the Super Bowl a “can’t miss”.

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