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Sports Quick Hits.

I occasionally like to do these “quick hit” things when there is nothing else to really write about. I think it is SO “cool” and “hip” but really it is just a sign of my laziness. The first quick hit is that today is my birthday. I am 31. Man, when I was 14 I always thought I would be in my 10th year in the major leagues when I turned 31. Guess things didn’t work out. Haha. Here are the Hits:

1. Greg Oden is Naked Again– Ok, so supposedly he took some naked pics of himself for his ex-gf, and it is a big shame. I don’t really know what to say about this, other than what the heck was he doing? WHY take naked pics of yourself? I don’t even want to see pictures of my face..much less the rest of me. Perhaps Greg should spend more time trying to get healthy, less in front of the mirror.

2. The Super Bowl- THE biggest football game of the year is set and ready to go. Peyton Manning and the Colts are taking on Drew Brees and the Saints. Of course, in my previous post I picked the Vikings to play the Jets in this years Super Bowl. My Super Bowl winner pick will come later, but if you want your team to win, just let me know, i will choose the opposite team.

3. Gilbert Arenas and Teammate Banned for the Season- Remember when NBA players were always polite and fine upstanding gentlemen? Dennis Rodman, where have you gone?

4. Australian Open- I NEVER follow Tennis, I just don’t. I know the Aussie Open is going on now, and without knowing anything, I can bet that either Federer, Roddick or Nadal win be in the Men’s championship. For the women, give me one of the Williams sisters. Am I close?

5. Texas is #1, they lose. Kentucky is #1, they lose.– The Kansas Jayhawks are REALLY hoping the voters don’t put them in the top spot. I guess it really doesn’t matter, the tourney at the end of the season is the thing that matters. As a matter of fact, the top 25 in College Basketball is one of the least useful tools in all of sports.

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