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The Final 4…In Football.

It has been awhile since I have updated the blog, I guess I was in a deep haze of depression after the Cowboys losing so easily to the Vikings. Of course, I didn’t write much before that either. Perhaps it was the Texas loss to Alabama. I don’t know, just a slow time. There are 4 teams left in the NFL playoffs, and only 3 games (4 if you count the Pro Bowl). Who do you like? I have no dog in the fight. Here is my prediction for what will happen:

AFC Championship Game, Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets:
Remember that one time the Colts and Jets played, and that young QB made a bold prediction saying the Jets would win? Well, this time is a little different. Sure, the Jets have a young QB (a rookie in fact) leading them to the championship game, but its more of their rookie coach that is making the bold predictions. The Jets have planned for months for this, it hasn’t been bold predictions, more like confident planning. The #1 ranked Jets D is doing a great job against potent offenses in these playoffs (Bengals, Chargers), and looks to continue their stellar play. The Colts provide a difficult matchup. Peyton Manning is regarded as one of the smartest and most talented QB’s to ever play the game. If the Jets D can keep Peyton from going crazy, it will be a close game. The Colts rush offense is not good, and the defense CAN give up the big play. The Jets offense is not known for putting up a lot of points, but their rushing offense is #1 in the league and can take time off the clock. While the Colts are one of the better teams in the league, I think New York pulls off the upset…mainly because I am “pulling” for the Colts.
My Prediction: Jets 24 Colts 21

NFC Championship Game, New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings:
This game could be a great one. The VIkings and Saints have been 2 of the top teams this entire season. While the Vikings have veteran leadership lead by Brett Favre and Jared Allen, the Saints have a great home-field advantage. Minnesota is coming off a dominating performance against the red hot Dallas Cowboys. The Viking D flustered the Cowboy offense with great pressure, even though they didn’t seem to blitz that often. Favre and Sydney Rice has become quite the tandem, which helps with Peterson and the rushing offense struggling a bit down the stretch. The high octane Saints offense will try and continue their success with the emergence of Reggie Bush. Bush was a big reason why the Saints were able to dominate the Cardinals defense last week. If the Saints offensive line can protect Brees, they will be able to move the ball. This game will be a great one.
My Prediction: Minnesota 38 New Orleans 31

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