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First of all, I have won my first ever Fantasy Football Championship. I guess I pulled a “1992 Dallas Cowboys”. Great regular season and backed it up with a championship victory. I was also defeated 3 times, but managed to score points when I needed it the most. Here is what my championship team looked like (Starters):

QB’s: Matt Schaub, Donovan McNabb- Schaub was my starter every week but 2. He was quite a surprise.
RB’s: Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Matt Forte- Johnson was a stud, Rice was great. Forte a disappointment.
WR’s: Vincent Jackson, Andre Johnson, Percy Harvin, Calvin Johnson- Jackson was another HUGE surprise. AJ was AJ. Harvin was a great pickup. Calvin Johnson fought off injuries most of the year.
TE’s: Vernon Davis- one of the best TE”s in the league this year.
DEF/SP: New York Jets, New England Patriots- I flip flopped these teams this year, but the Jets have been #1 in total defense.
Kicker: Rob Bironas- I changed kickers about 3 times this year.

*Anyway, I was quite lucky and had very few injuries to deal with.

Bowl Picks Update:
If you look a few entries down, I made a pick for each bowl game this season. My record so far is 7-6. I am not feeling to good about the rest of my picks.

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