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#2 NFL Top 10:

My how things have changed since our last Top 10 countdown. Here is the 2nd installment:

1. San Diego Chargers– It is hard taking Indy from the top of this list, but the Chargers are playing great football right now. Phillip Rivers still is yet to lose in December, lets see if he can keep that streak going into the playoffs.

2. Indianapolis Colts– The only other thing more controversial than Peyton Manning being pulled in last weeks game, is me putting them at #2 in this weeks rankings. Nothing against their 1 loss, but the Chargers are just the hotter team right now. Would be a great matchup if they played.

3. Philadelphia Eagles– Haven’t moved up or down since the last top 10, but they are holding steady at #3. McNabb has a lot of weapons at his disposal, but only when rookie Lesean McCoy is healthy. HUGE game against the Cowboys this week.

4. Green Bay Packers– This is where things start to get a little muddy. The Packers had a heart breaking loss against the Steelers 2 weeks ago, but followed that up with a blowout over Seattle. The matchup with Arizona this week will be a good indicator if this team is deserving of a top 5 ranking.

5. Dallas Cowboys– Yes you read that right. The Cowboys are 1 win away from winning the NFC East and having a home playoff game. Just when EVERYONE was ready to write Dallas off, they put up a 2-2 record in December. Not great, but better. This team could be peaking at the right time.

6. New Orleans Saints– Wow, what a difference a few weeks make. Just 15 days ago we were talking about the Saints having one of the best offenses of all time and and a possible shot at an undefeated season. Now, the Saints are on a 2 game losing streak including an embarrassing loss to lowly Tampa Bay. Not a good time to start losing.

7. Arizona Cardinals– Interesting, but these Cards are flying under the radar. Winners of 2 in a row, the Cards have a lot riding on this weeks showdown with the #4 Packers.

8. Minnesota Vikings– Another team that looked ready for home-field advantage and now looks like a team not ready for the playoffs. Brett Favre is up to his old deeds and the team has found itself losing 3 of its last 4 games. Again, not a good time to start losing most of your games. Dangerous team, if they can keep their heads on straight.

9. New England Patriots– Boy, talk about a team that NO ONE is talking about. To me, this is one of the most dangerous teams at this point of the season. Tom Brady and Randy Moss are starting to “get” each other again and the defense remains reliable. Watch out.

10. Cincinnati Bengals– The AFC North Champs move into the Top 10 and will celebrate by resting a lot of their starters this week. That is the word. After watching a lot of “Hard Knocks” this season, I am secretly rooting for them to do well.

Just Missed: Ravens, Steelers, Broncos, Jets

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