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NFL Top 10.

I know there is no “ranking” system in the NFL, but here are my top 10 as of right now:

1. Indianaopolis Colts– It would be hard to put ANYONE above them right now. Peyton Manning is the MVP front-runner and the skill players are playing well. If the defense can make enough plays, they will go deep into the playoffs.

2. San Diego Chargers– After starting the season 2-3, the Chargers have won 9 games in a row and it still seems like NO ONE wants to talk about them. Philip Rivers is 17-0 in December for his career, and the Chargers have enough playmakers to keep pace with anyone.

3. Philadelphia Eagles– It always seems like the Eagles start playing their best football right at this time. The NFC East is still up for grabs, but you have to consider the Eagles the favorite. Desean Jackson is a legit #1 receiver, and the Eagle D is as aggressive as ever. The Week 17 matchup with the Cowboys COULD be for East crown.

4. New Orleans Saints– The Perfect Season is no more for the Saints. Dallas looked like the better team Saturday night which surprised most people. This team could still be the #1 seed going into the playoffs, but they did show some holes against Dallas. While I like what this team has done, I would be surprised to see them playing in the Super Bowl this year.

5. Minnesota Vikings– Right now, they are still a top 5 team, but last nights effort was bad. The defense was shredded by a #2 runningback (J. Stewart could be a 1 on some teams) and a backup quarterback. The run game for the Vikings was non-existent (They do have Adrian Peterson remember?) and Brett Favre couldn’t make enough plays with his arm. Time to worry Vikings fans?

6. Green Bay Packers– What a tough game to lose on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers had a great game only to be “one upped” by Ben Roethlisberger. Even though they are now on a losing streak, the Packers are a dangerous team. Aaron Rodgers is playing as well as anyone in the league, and the Packer D is one of the most underrated units in the league. They could make a deep run this postseason.

7. Dallas Cowboys– Isn’t it great what a win can do for your team? Just like that the Cowboys are being talked about as a “good team” that can beat anyone. I guess it helps when you beat an undefeated team on the road. Still, the Cowboys have work cut out for them. If they can win out, they will be the NFC East champs. If the Giants lose tonight against the Redskins, and the Cowboys can beat the Redskins NEXT week, then they will wrap up a playoff berth. Tony Romo is playing well, and trying desperately to get rid of the monkey on his back. One thing, who will their kicker be next week?

8. New England Patriots– You can never count this team out. The Pats are going to win the AFC East, and fly in under the radar in the playoffs. Even with a 9-5 record, the Pats are still one of the toughest matchups in the league. Laurence Maroney is starting to play like a top level back, and if Randy Moss is happy he is still a dangerous deep threat. If the Pats D can stay healthy, look for them to make a good late season run.

9. Arizona Cardinals– The Cards have captured the NFC West and are looking to surprise everyone by winning some playoff games. The offense is one of the best in the league that can score with anyone, and the defense has played well against good opponents. If Larry Fitzgerald can get back to 100%, Kurt Warner will have a full arsenal to work with.

10. Tennessee Titans– Surprised? The Titans have turned their DREADFUL start and are right in the thick of the playoff race. Vince Young has done just about everything right in his return as the starter, leading the Titans to a 7-7 record (7-1 since his return). Chris Johnson is just 270 yards shy of 2,000 for the season, which will be a goal of the Titans to obtain. While the Titans D is near the bottom of the Total D rankings, they have made just enough plays to keep them winning. While this ranking might be a surprise, they are on a very good roll.

Just missed the cut: Cincinnati Bengals; Denver Broncos; Baltimore Ravens; Miami Dolphins

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  1. Mike Turner
    December 22, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the Chargers? Like Jeff stated, 9 straight games, 17-0 in December for Rivers. I know that Rivers got a lot of flack for his smack talk a few years ago, and he’s an emotional player. I also know that QB’s like SHEli Manning, who refuse to play for San Diego, have dismissed The Chargers as serious contenders.
    Now they’re seemingly unstoppable, with TONS of talent on both sides of the ball, and not a peep from announcers, the public, sports programs. Nothing. Please enlighten me why people are keeping their mouths shut about the San Diego Chargers. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to jinx their own teams into facing what could be their worst nightmare…the Chargers coming to their home town.

  2. Jeff
    December 22, 2009 at 10:54 am

    Yeah, the Chargers are VERY scary. Thanks for the comment Mike.

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