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Quick Hits in the World of Sports.

There has been a lot going on in the world of sports lately, not just college football. I must admit that I get CONSUMED with football, but here is a look at what else is going on:

1. No I have NOT had an affair with Tiger Woods, but he did touch my hand once in a suggestive manner.

2. The big trade between the Mariners, Phillies and Blue Jays has been all the talk lately. Cliff Lee is now a Mariner, Roy Halladay is now a Philly and don’t forget John Lackey signing with the Red Sox. In an attempt to keep up, the Rangers are in talks with Oil Can Boyd.

3. The NBA is well underway, and no one is really sure if they are excited or not. I swear it seems like interest in the NBA only starts during playoff time. I guess we should all be ready for Kobe and the Lakers to once again not be challenged until the finals, which will be as boring as ever. The Celtics are looking good, which again is no surprise to anyone.

4. Hockey is still going on.

5. Mark Ingram won the “How did they do in the last game of the season award”…also known as the Heisman. I honestly was impressed with him and his speech, came across as a real genuine kid.

6. The World Cup draw took place in South Africa. The US has a pretty “good” group, as far as chances of winning are concerned. So get ready America, your once every 4 year passion for soccer is coming! As far as World Cup picks go, I might do that later, but give me Brazil.

Well, that is it for now. The “which old white guy will the Rangers sign next” lookout is on, so be prepared for more updates.

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