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College Football Week 12.

Well, it is almost Thanksgiving and there is plenty to be thankful for. I am still thankful for football, and thankful that I can spend most of my Saturdays sitting on my butt doing nothing but zoning out and wondering who will be playing who in this years bowls. I am also thankful for cooler weather, beer, bbq and the love of my wonderful wife. (Stop making fun, she reads this too). This week there are some REAL bad matchups for some of the top teams in the country. Alabama is playing Chattanooga and Florida is matched up against Isaiah Thomas and FIU. Needless to say, there are not a lot of marquee matchups this week. Here are the ones that could be interesting:

(12) Ohio State @ Michigan– Remember when this was THE game at the end of November? Man, how things have changed. I didn’t even realize they were playing this week until I started looking at the schedules. Michigan is really down these days. After starting the season on a promising note, the Wolverines have lost 4 in a row (6 if you don’t count their win against Delaware State) and have not looked good doing it. If ANYTHING can salvage their season, it would be a win against their arch-rival Ohio State. The Buckeyes are on cruise control after clinching a spot in the Rose Bowl last week. It will be interesting to see if they will “get up” for this game. Look for them to do so and more.
My Pick: Ohio State 30 Michigan 13
What Really Happened: Ohio State 21 Michigan 10– The OSU uni’s were sweet. Michigan will not be bowling.

Baylor @ Texas A&M– I am REALLY stretching here. I think the only reason I am putting it on here is because of my geographic location. It IS an interesting game around these parts. The Aggies are another one of those teams who started the season with high hopes, winning 3 straight games with a high octane offense over very poor opponents. Well, since then, the Aggies are 2-5 and going south. Baylor had this season planned out. Robert Griffin would win a few games by himself and get the Bears into a bowl game. Well, after his injury, Baylor has struggled going 2-5 and has tried out several different quarterbacks. The “Battle on the Brazos” should be an interesting and high scoring game. Most fans remember the 2004 overtime shocker between the two, with Baylor winning it on a 2 pt conversion. Look for another close one in College Station.
My Pick: Texas A&M 35 Baylor 24
What Really Happened: Texas A&M 38 Baylor 3– The Bears are REALLY missing Griffin at QB. The Aggies are now ready to face the Horns.

(25) Cal @ (17) Stanford– Wow, how much fun is it to watch Toby Gerhart run the ball? This Stanford team seems to be legit. Andrew Luck is one of the best young QB’s in the country and the Cardinal defense is playing just good enough to keep winning games. California was an early season Pac-10 favorite, but has fallen back in the race. Even though though they can’t run for the Rose Bowl, they can still play spoiler and find themselves in a good bowl game. Watch for a high scoring shoot-out.
My Pick: Stanford 41 California 31
What Really Happened: California 34 Stanford 28– The Pac-10 continues to surprise. The Bears were able to withstand a great day for Toby Gerhart.

Kansas State @ Nebraska– In case you didn’t notice, Kansas State still has a shot to play in the Big 12 Championship game in Dallas. Amazing. The winner in this one will have a shot at (most likely) Texas in Big D. It would be kind of like winning a raffle where the prize is an angry hornet’s nest. You win, but you don’t really win. The Wildcats hope their strong running offense can do anything against Nebraska’s stifling defense. Ndamukong Suh is the nations best defensive lineman, and is looking to solidify his claim as one of next years top draftees. Look for this one to be a sloppy slugfest with Nebraska coming out on top.
My Pick: Nebraska 23 Kansas State 16
What Really Happened: Nebraska 17 Kansas State 3– The Blackshirts are officially back? Should be an interesting Big 12 title game between Nebraska and Texas.

My Upset Pick of the Week: Northwestern 31 Wisconsin 27
What Really Happened: Northwestern 33 Wisconsin 31– Late turnover helped the Wildcats win a stunner.

Game No One Cares About: McPherson College 20 @ MidAmerica Nazarene University 17
What Really Happened: MidAmerica Nazarene University 40 McPherson College 24

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