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College Football. Week 3.

Things are heating up, but really they are cooling down. Confused yet? I am. The top 5 right now in the AP Poll looks like this:
1. Florida
2. Texas
3. USC
4. Alabama
5. Ole Miss
5. Penn State

Doesn’t look too bad, but I think Ole Miss is VERY overrated. We shall see, they have a schedule that could work in their favor. Heres a look at this weekend’s games:

Georgia Tech vs. Miami: apparently the “U” is back. I still want to see them against a team that didn’t struggle with I-AA (not what its called..i know) Jacksonville State. Georgia Tech is a fun team to watch. It is very rare to see a BCS conference school run the option, but they do it well. I think Miami backs up their claim as being “back” and wins a close one over the Yellowjackets.
My Pick: Miami 30 Georgia Tech 24
*Miami is BACK. Well, they beat a pretty good Georgia Tech team 33-17. If Miami beats OU, the hype will be unreal.
Nebraska at Virginia Tech: ACC heavy today. Nebraska is apparently ranked #19 in the AP Poll this week. Really? I don’t think I can name you one player on their team. As a guy who covers sports, that isn’t good. If they want to be taken seriously they will have to upset Va Tech in Blacksburg which is never easy. The Hokies are led by Tyrod Taylor and a still punishing defense. Even though they lost a close one to Bama, Virginia Tech is still a team to be taken seriously on the national scene. Look for VT to win by at least 2 scores.
My Pick: Va Tech 35 Nebraska 17
*Nebraska won, and then lost in the last seconds. FAIL. Final: Va Tech 16 Neb. 15

Tennessee at Florida: I am no expert, so I can say this. This game is going to be close. I just have that feeling. Even though Tennessee is coming off a loss to UCLA, I believe they have the talent on defense to keep Florida off the board just enough. **HOT SPORTS OPINION TIME** I honestly don’t see how Tim Tebow has become a living god. He has a slow release, he isn’t fast, and seems to be the luckiest player to ever play football. That may be an overstatement, but part of it is true. If the Vols can force a couple of Gator turnovers then look out. Florida has not played anyone so far this year and Tennessee will be primed for the upset.
My Pick: Florida 38 Tennessee 35
*Told you it would be close. Florida looked beatable and Tennessee showed signs of improvement. Florida will definitely lose a game this year. Final: Florida 23 Tenn. 13

Texas Tech at Texas: This one will not be pretty for Tech fans. As everyone knows, Tech upset the #1 ranked Longhorns last year in Lubbock on a miracle catch by Michael Crabtree. Remember, he dreamed it in his head? That loss led to one of the most controversial endings to a college football season in history. Oklahoma jumped Texas (after pounding Tech) in the BCS standings and went on to play in the National Championship game. Texas fans remember this, so do their players. Look for Colt McCoy to be sharper in the first half than he was in Wyoming. The Horns will also feature new co-starter Tre Newton out of the backfield. Tech QB Taylor Potts will be making his first start in front of a truly hostile crowd. If Texas can get to Potts, look for Tech to have a long day.
My Pick: Texas 40 Texas Tech 24
*This game was different than I thought it would be. “Defensive” first half and an offensive crazy second half. Tech played tough, but Texas made just enough plays to pull away. Final: Texas 34 Texas Tech 24

Upset Pick of the Week: Toledo 28 Ohio State 27– Toledo high powered offense takes advantage of a still hung-over Ohio State team. Poor Tressel.
*I was wrong. Ohio State DOMINATED. Final: Ohio State 38 Toledo 0

Game No One Cares About: Central Michigan 52 Alcorn State 10– The Chippewas are coming off a stunning win over Michigan State. Alcorn State is where Steve McNair played, thats about all they have going for them.
*You don’t care, but I will post it anyway. Final: CMU 48 Alcorn State 0

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  1. Misty
    September 16, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    You’ve never heard of Nebraska star Ndamukong Suh? He’s only on the hotlist for every major award out there this year. He was last year too.

  2. Jeff
    September 16, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    I just didn’t want to have to spell it.

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