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Fantasy Football 09.

Last year was my first REAL foray into Fantasy Football. I didn’t do too bad, finished 2nd during the regular season but finished poorly and lost in the playoffs. I had a few great picks last year, with my smartest move being the pick of Kurt Warner in the late rounds. Anyway, one of the leagues I am in already had its draft, here is what I ended up with:

(Keep in mind, I had the 7th pick overall):

QB’s: Tom Brady; Matt Ryan; Chad Pennington
Hmm, I could be in some trouble here..but I doubt it. Brady is obviously coming off an injury in which his knee was turned into spaghetti, but he should have a very good year. The Pats offense is still one of the best in the league. Matt Ryan and Chad Pennington aren’t fantasy juggernauts, but they should provide some solid points. Pennington was quite a good surprise for last years fantasy players.

RB’s: Deangelo Williams; Thomas Jones; Ray Rice; Darren McFadden
Running backs are usually the “main dish” in fantasy football feasts. It is suggested to have at least 2 good point producing running backs. Well, I think I have that. In his first FULL year, Deangelo Williams put up 1,500 yards and 18 td’s. Not bad. Thomas Jones is my dad’s age, and I have NO idea what he will do this year. Rice and McFadden are young but both should see more carries this year. This could be my weakest position, which is not good.

WR’s: Andre Johnson; Terrell Owens; Eddie Royal; Nate Washington; Earl Bennett
Johnson is a stud. If Matt Schaub can throw the ball this year, Johnson will put up numbers. T.O. is injured right now, but it is nothing too serious. Hopefully the Bills want to showcase their new “toy” and get him the ball early and often. Royal isn’t a bad #3, but the Broncos passing game might be better off with me at QB. Sorry Chris Simms. Washington is being looked at as the #1 receiver in Tennessee and Bennett is coming on strong for the Bears. To me, this is a fairly strong group of receivers.

TE: Chris Cooley; Visanthe Shiancoe
Cooley needs to get more TD receptions. He had ONE last year. That is well below his normal average. Shiancoe now has a “quarterback” who can throw him the ball in Favre. It could be a big year for him.

K: Jason Elam
He kicks indoors, is accurate and is 68 years old. Experience. He was my last pick of the draft.

DEF: Minnesota
My defenses were HORRIBLE last year. While they aren’t huge points positions, my defenses were losing me more points than gaining. Hopefully the Vikings D can get some turnovers and hold some teams from scoring. Tough division though with Cutler, Rodgers and the #1 pick Stafford throwing the ball around. Should be interesting.

So what do you think? Am I looking at the cellar for this year? I have another draft coming up in 10 days, should be fun.

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  1. Chad
    August 26, 2009 at 11:11 pm

    The only thing that would make this better is if we were sitting in front of a camera watching sports

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