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LONG Hiatus.

I know no one reads this, so why have I come back? I don’t know…I just like pretending that I am funny. It just works for me. Anyway, what a weird time of year it is in sports. Baseball is in full swing and the Trade Deadline is 4 minutes away from showing up. If you don’t like baseball, you are in pretty bad shape right now because it is the only MAJOR MAJOR sport going on.

The WNBA is going on. Apparently this is a league where women play basketball.

Major League Soccer (couldn’t they have come up with a more unique name?) is out there. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE soccer. I really do. But the MLS is not exactly lighting the US on fire.

You have once a year events like the Tour De Lance and The British Open, but most Americans have one thing on their mind. It is still a little hot outside, there aren’t any games on the t.v. yet, but EVERYONE knows that FOOTBALL is RIGHT around the corner. REJOICE.

Long story short, the baseball trade deadline is passed (underrated sports event) and baseball will soon give way to America’s new favorite pastime, football. It is good to be back.

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