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Baseball. Huzzah!

vintage-baseball-giamattiSunday night and Monday should be National holidays. Lets be honest, the National Pastime IS the National Pastime for a reason. While football and basketball were still in their diapers, baseball was “big man on the scene”. I love it. Sure there has been A LOT of controversy lately with all the steroid talk, but lets not forget the other big sports. I think baseball has had some unfair treatment. Ok, enough of the heavy stuff. Here is why I am excited for the 2009 season.

-Texas Rangers. Young talent galore.

-Surprise teams. There is always a surprise team or two that make a run to the playoffs. Who is it this year? (give me the Rockies and Rangers.)

-Tim Lincecum. He will only get better right? That’s scary. It is really fun watching him pitch.

-New Stadiums. Sure, they are both in New York (Citi Field/Yankee Stadium) but there is something magical about seeing a brand spanking new baseball stadium. Always fun.

-Tampa Bay Rays. Can they repeat last years surprise run? Was it a fluke? The AL East will be interesting.

-New Players, New Teams. John Smoltz is on the Red Sox? Haha yeah right..oh. Ken Griffey Jr is a Mariner again. Is his son going to hit behind him and do fun things together? Probably not. Huston Street in Colorado. Adam “Big Donkey” Dunn in DC. Fresh starts all around.

-Kansas City Royals. Can you name 3 of their players? Go.

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