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Jeff vs. Andreia (March Madness 2009)

Every year around tourney time I FORCE my wife into making out a bracket. She only does one, and it is as simple as me calling out the names of the teams and her choosing one. Well, we did it again this year, and her picks are not that bad (although she did pick E. Tenn. State to upset Pitt in the 1st round). Well, I have done a few brackets for various things like work, friend groups, facebook and a random one on ESPN.com. Here are our Sweet 16’s/Final Fours and Championship Picks:

Andreia (my wife; doesn’t care one bit about NCAA basketball):
Sweet 16 Teams:
Oklahoma State, Florida State, UCLA, Texas
Ohio State, Wake Forest, West Virginia; USC
Texas A&M, Purdue, Missouri, California
North Carolina, W. Kentucky, Syracuse, Oklahoma
Final Four:
Wake Forest, Purdue, Syracuse, Texas
Championship Pick: Texas

All in all, not too bad of a job. I am almost guaranteeing she does better than I do. Here is what my bracket looks like (in the pool where I am going against Andreia):

Sweet 16:
Louisville, Wake Forest, Michigan State, West Virginia
Uconn, Purdue, Marquette, Memphis
Pitt, Wisconsin, Villanova, Duke
North Carolina, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Clemson
Final Four:
Wake Forest, Uconn, Pitt, Gonzaga
Championship Pick: Wake Forest

Ok, in the other brackets I have done I pretty much pick Wake everytime. No reason..I haven’t even seen them play this year. Oh man, my bracket will probably be ruined after the first 2 days. Good luck!

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