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What is up with all these responsible, head on straight athletes these days? I mean, there are millions of dollars waiting for you and you turn it down to play COLLEGE football? Are you crazy? Maybe not. Perhaps the days of “gettin mine” and “making money” are taking a back seat to “gaining experience” and “finishing my degree”.

I just turned off my local newscast and it was filled with stories about college football players deciding to stay in school. Granted, some of these guys would not be drafted and have to work their butts off to even get a sniff of the NFL, but it has probably been their dream since they could pull up a jock strap. Names like Bradford, Black, Tebow, Gresham and Kindle come to mind when you think of the athletes who have decided to stay in school. Now, perhaps they are doing it to make MORE money next year. That could easily be the case. But you still have to love hearing things like “I am close to finishing my degree, which is why I came to school in the first place” which was the case for LSU Junior Ciron Black.

I have not finished school. I am 29 years old. I have seen many examples of why having a degree is important. What I wouldn’t give to have stayed in school. Too late now. Guys like Ciron Black and Tim Tebow may not have made as much money coming out this year, but they would have been making a pretty nice paycheck each month.

And then there is Myron Rolle. Sure you have heard of him. He is giving up football all together (for a year at least) to study at Oxford University in Britain. Are you kidding? Doesn’t he know of all the money, girls, and parties he is leaving behind here?

Perhaps the world of athletics is changing. Maybe the jocks in your school are starting to realized there is much more to life than just knocking someone out or throwing a ball. It seems to me, most of these guys have figured that out. Giving up millions to stay in school (even if they don’t go to class) is a big choice, a big choice these guys have made.

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